Wednesday, 13 January 2021

This past week

I have now begun a powder line for smoothies, soups, dessert toppings, etc.. So far I have apple and asparagus completed. We are calling the line Dust.

Apple Dust

Asparagus Dust

Brad made another batch of Beef Stroganoff to feed Betty

We were invited for a walk along the waterfront with Stacey and her husband Jon
(she knows about the coat, we've all told her. LOL)

On our walk we came across our friend Jim (left) 

My favourite part about this island is this: Often times when it is dark and gloomy everywhere, this island - Entrance Island, is lit up brightly by the sun illuminating the sharp white buildings with their red roofs.

This past Saturday I was invited to join the popup market again and I was able to use my new banner, although I need a larger table, for sure.

My two favourite boys looking for a noise Robbie was sure he heard, Daddy is being supportive.

We took Robbie to the vet again yesterday (Tuesday) for his 2nd in a series of 4 arthritis shots. He is noticeably feeling better, she will not weigh him again until the month is up because she says weekly weighing can be depressing. I hear that.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I am off to Nanaimo for MY massage - I know, right?!. So excited for that although my back is so tight I'm not sure she'll even be able to touch it but we'll see how it goes.