Thursday, 15 November 2018

A couple of days in the life

On Tuesday we met up with Susan (of Reuben and Susan) for a hike along Duck Creek Trail, this trail is much better for us than the Channel Ridge Trails as it is a little flatter and not so hard on Brad's back. Susan's birthday was on Monday and I believe she's now 39 ;)

After the hike we stopped down at TJ's for a coffee and a chinwag.

We usually keep Robbie on a leash while on Duck Creek but on Wednesday we let him wear his big boy pants. He never strays very far. Another bonus of this trail is that it is an offleash dog trail. 

We dropped Robbie at home and again went for coffee at TJ's after our walk, we sat outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Fire Hall in the center of town (Ganges) Note the flowers.

View of Centennial Park where the Veteran's Day ceremony was held.

We found a new burger joint, I'd heard about it but had never seen. Unfortunately, it was closed for the season and the sign said to go to The OysterCatcher for the same burger... we walked over there but the burgers are $18.99 each and there's just a principle in there somewhere so said 'to hell with it' and went to Thrifty's (Grocer's) to pick up a few things. 

While in Thrifty's we saw some Roast Beef Sandwiches and decided to grab a couple ($6.99 each). We walked over to the boardwalk on the marina to eat our lunch. Note the blackbirds on the railing... there were 9 of them! Very reminiscent of the movie but we managed to eat in relative peace. Had a stroll around the marina and headed back home to Robbie. 

I must say those sandwiches were damn good! Roast Beef, Cheddar and Horseradish... and for that price, you can bet we'll be having those again.

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