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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Quartzsite or bust

So yesterday I wrote about disillusionment... we're not quite disillusioned yet, it was just a hard day. Believe me when I tell you that you will be the second to know.

So remember the $7G of solar His Lordship just bought for the RV?

Well... I was just reading online and granted it was written 2 years ago but he talks about campgrounds in Quartzsite for $200US/mo! Well if I'd known that was a thing.... like seriously, other than bingo and potlucks what possible reason could there be to live so 'without' when there is a campground just up the road for $200US/mo?!

I sure hope I figure that out because when His Lordship asks me I better have a good explanation for all this solar!!!!

Regardless, we arrived in Lake Havasu BLM country and have found us a spot. Don't think we'll stay here for any serious amount of time although it is beautiful here and we did just arrive but the 'friendly vibe' seems to be missing.

Robbie gets his good looks from MY side of the family ;)

We were driving past it yesterday so we made a quick detour and drove by The Hoover Dam. Didn't park as the crowds were insane but we got to see it and from the height of our RV we had a good view without fighting the crowds. Just as well we didn't stop because we only arrived here about an hour before dark. Have to get used to the time variances of darkness, its been weird driving down as one day the time zone is 6pm dark and the next its 7pm.

In any event, we are off to Quartzsite today so if anyone reading this is already there or planning to arrive soon send us a message. It sure gets boring out here without anyone else to harass - I mean ... nevermind. LOL

We have made a few friends along the way already and expect most of them to arrive in Quartzsite area in November sometime but my birthday is in 3 days so hopefully we'll meet some people down that way by then that we can atleast have a drink with. We're hardly the 'party' type but more a 'quiet drink' type. Though I'm sure Vickie will argue that point in the comments section below. :)

Once again, Brad took the pictures while I was driving. Can't wait to get to the LTVA today, we are almost out of fresh water. What parks will allow unregistered guests to access their stuff want an arm and a leg. The Chevron north of here was kind enough to provide us with a doohicky that I just used like a tapper on their water/air thingy and we got some but we're still reading 1/3 and we tapped it to restart it several times. The hose is just a trinkle really so we'd have been there all day.... and already our grey is showing 2/3. We haven't particularly been conserving because we're driving all day so we haven't been worrying about it, just stop and dump along the way.

About 2 hours to Quartzsite my gizmo tells me... now to get beautified.

Thanks for reading everyone, it is surprising to me how many people are reading this. It was originally intended to keep family in the loop and to know we were okay so:
Thank you to all who read and Kisses to those who comment!

Friday, 20 October 2017

MasterCard and Disillusionment

We had a relatively long day of driving yesterday, about an hour of which was spent dealing with MasterCard. We stopped for gas mostly to dump our tanks but while we were at it thought we'd fill up so wherever we ended up we would know we were good.

The damn credit card would not work. The American banking system is totally different from the Canadian, everywhere we go the chip reader is not working on the pin pad. It must be swiped but ours does not like to be swiped so it must then be entered manually at the till which naturally sets off all kinds of red flags within the MasterCard system and our card keeps locking. We did call them prior to leaving home to advise that we were going on a very long trip and that is not the problem, they are aware we are travelling.

So after 4 attempts and taking the 'tech' guy in the Flying J with me he tells me that there is nothing they can do...........      REALLY?!?

The machine kept asking for my zip code, which of course, I don't have so he told me how to get around that, fair enough but it still wouldn't work.

Cut a long story short, nothing worked so no gas and the tanks were still full. I waited about half an hour until I had calmed down some and called the Customer Service again. They put me on with the fraud division who apparently got it sorted. We did stop for gas and it worked but I'm not sure if that was because they had a tapper on their machine, so likely we will find out today. Dumped the tanks with cash at the next Flying J, so at least that headache is gone.

Staying in another Walmart last night we found ourselves feeling quite disillusioned, I know there is plenty of boondocking around here but when I check the apps I'm having trouble finding something that is Class A friendly. Now, remember that we are new at this and naturally doubting ourselves (mostly me), so when the app says tents or that the road has issues I'm inclined not to drive the rig there. Yes, its a stubby rig at 28' and not a 43' with a toad but still...

So we decided last night to head straight for Quartzsite, AZ and get our bearings before venturing deep into the unknown. I know I'll get a lot of comments about this insecurity and I know I'm just being blonde but this is how my brain works so accept it and move on, I did.

We're going to try for Lake Havasu today, there is boondocking in the area and if for some reason that doesn't pan out there are also plenty of campgrounds and at least one of them has space open. No idea how long it will take us to get through Las Vegas (God help us) so here's hoping. The GPS says 4 hours which is likely to be 6 hours. We'll see.

A huge Thanks to Vickie as our text conversation last night really helped our mood. Although Brad is sure he's been hexed by her. HA HA!