'til going Rogue

Thursday, 17 August 2017

30 days to go!

This morning marks just 30 days until 'get-outta-dodge' day. This is very exciting for both of us, mostly me but His Lordship is catching up quickly. There has been a lot going on here which provides him incentive to go. (A countdown clock has been added above the blog)

I have begun sorting food stuff into air-tight containers and they are piled up on the kitchen counter (thankfully, we have a large kitchen counter - at home), I have sorted through the various Health Coverage options and we have settled on Blue Cross (C $3G) but have not yet made the arrangements -thats coming up quickly.

We decided that because we do not get much snail mail that we would have our mail sent to Brad's Mum who will then forward to us anything we must have. Because most everything is done online these days it seems ridiculous to pay a small fortune each month to have a mail service, if we find it is necessary we can always set this up from the road. I have a few organization gadgets that I need to set into the rig to assist with shelving, storage and the like.

We have chosen our Solar and Installer but we are waiting until closer to the day before booking the rig in although I think we can likely do this anytime now.

I have to re-organize the tool bag as we've made a mess of it since I did it last and clothing needs to be gone through but first I need to check online for average temps in the areas we hope to be.

Robbie (the dog) has been to the Vet and had all his required pokings so he is good to go. I asked the Vet about his shedding - he loses a Bishon every time we brush him and a Chihuahua falls to the floor everyday we don't. She suggested we get 'the coat blown out' which I didn't know was a thing... obviously I called the Groomer immediately to inquire and it costs C$65 so I was sceptical and googled it to see if it was a gimmick or actually worked.

I am none the wiser unfortunately, while lots of groomers say its great, I haven't found anything from 'average joes' but will look again. Anyone have experience with this? Does it work? Roughly how long does it last? Is it a 2/year or monthly endeavor? THIS is what I want to know before I fork out C$65. Sure would be great not to have to sweep a Chihuahua out of the rig everyday.

I added a map to the bottom of the Blog a week ago and I have used - I think its Halifax as our originating point - though this is inaccurate. This map will allow me to post where we are (at least, where we were the day before). Obviously I do not want the world to know where we are when we are. So I will post the location of the previous stop so that we and others can know where there is appropriate overnighting. Also, I will add to the infamous Apps as required.

Our rig is the same height/width as a 40' but is only 28' long and I will try to note at each location details of what the largest vehicle should be. I have found that some RVers detail where they stopped but do not advise if a much larger rig would fit at that location. As we intend to do a lot of Boondocking I anticipate finding a few spots that will add to the various App details especially in Northern Ontario where Campgrounds are rampant and Boondocking frowned upon.

No big surprise that we intend to do another 'hard push' to get across Canada (we've done it in 2.5 days before), likely doing it in a week this time. Turns out we're getting old and these 'hard push' drives are getting harder and harder -even with a bed in the back.

I have a list (its what I do) of everything we need to put into the rig, unfortunately we do not have access to a weigh scale around here so we'll just have to wing it until we get to civilization and we can sort through any weight issue then, although I don't think we'll be over -or at least not by much, but we'll see.

Anyway, the clock is ticktocking now!... WooHoo

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Calculating Solar - Complete

I did a post a week or so ago about calculating your Amp Hour requirements. But what do you do with that information? To reiterate: I am not a Professional!! Double check everything...

AH = Amp Hours
V    = Volts
WH = Watt Hours
Panel V = Panel Volts
Panel A = Panel Amps
Panel AH = Panel Amp Hours

Okay so here are the calculations for Solar and how many panels (of a specific panel you will require). The Solar kit we have chosen for our needs is here.

AH x V = WH
WH /Panel V = Panel AH
Panel AH / Panel Amps = number of panels required for 1 hour of sun.
Number of panels required for 1 hour sun / Number of hours collecting sun (check online for your specific area) = number of panels based on the specs used in calculation (so make sure they are right).

So I will use a few of our own numbers and the panels we have chosen to show you the calculation:

In order to run everything we have at the same time we will use 440 AH (won't likely run it all at the same time)

440AH x 12V(RV system (some are 24V)) = 5280WH
5280WH / 12V = 440AH
440AH / 8.8amps (our particular solar panels) = 50 panels for one hour of sunlight
50 per hour / # hours of sunlight (5 average but check your area online)
= 10 panels

Now we are not putting 10 panels on the roof. In fact, our kit is 3 - 160W panels. We don't expect to be running everything at the same time and we will have to monitor our energy usage for the first while. If we find it is not enough, we can always add more later. However, according to all things Google it seems that the 480W is enough for most full-timers. Our particular RV runs most of its systems off Propane or electric but some newer RVs are coming off the line now strictly electric which will obviously require a lot more solar to operate.

Trouble with getting Solar before you leave is that you really have no idea how you will use the space and what your energy consumption will be. So we are starting at 480W and we'll see where we go from there... I will update as we progress.