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Monday, 20 November 2017

Costco & Sprouts

So the day started off with my girlfriend Vicky picking me up and we went to Temecula to do a bit of shopping at Costco. We arrived about 30 minutes before opening and the line up outside was insane.
In fact, they opened the doors just a few minutes later there were so many people outside.

The crowd outside costco before opening

The picture doesn't do justice to the crowd at Costco this morning but its the only pic I got. We then went over to Sprouts... never heard of it before but it has officially been designated as my grocery store. Totally love this place.

My new grocery store

Vicky doing some shopping (she doesn't know I took this picture) Surprise!  Love ya girl!

After she dropped me at home Brad and I went to go see about our next 'home' and we are booked in for Wednesday. Your gonna love this place! Its incredible. Book your Xmas visit now before our RV fills up!

We expect to be there until Dec 27 but have the option to extend into mid January should we so desire, and personally I think we should. Only time will tell. We are locking into this place for an entire month and that's a long time for us so we shall see where it takes us.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Finding our place

So this morning we wandered around our newest RV Park and quite like it. It's very campy if you know what I mean... dirt, woods, kids... and we found the pool, actually there are 3 pools. Really nice and not a soul there. Perfect.

But first, we sat outside by the firepit (not lit) and just enjoyed the late morning sun. I even took a panoramic!

Panoramic of our site

Beautiful hills in our view

Not sure he can cope with the stress of it all...

Disconcerting that this requires a sign...

Cute little Cabana's with loungers surrounding the pool

Then we were off to Vicky & Bruce's for a visit and saw this statue in a field beside the road not sure what the details of it are but there were a lot of this type of statues along the route.

Horse & Buggy statue

Our friends are staying in a swanky RV Resort, and Vicky took me for a tour around the place as it was dark last night when we finally arrived there...

White Stork walking through an empty RV Lot

Grey Stork wandering the grounds

Their park is beautifully landscaped

An empty lot 

After spending a nice afternoon visiting we suggested they let us buy them supper since they had cooked for us last night. With many options around we actually chose a local place because we are still unfamiliar with the windy dark roads and didn't want to get lost or worse... so we went to a very small, very loud bar/restaurant just down the road from them. A different experience to be sure as it's a rough place to look at and the smell is... interesting, but the food was really good!!

Big thanks to Vicky & Bruce once again for a great day.

Moving & Friends

Yesterday was moving day, we left Pair-a-Dice RV Resort in Pahrump and headed to Temecula, CA.

Pair-a-Dice was a nice enough place, an SKP Co-op, they had a pool table, ping pong table, plenty of card tables, sitting chairs, wifi in the ClubHouse, RV Wash bay, Oil Change bay and 2 Dog Parks. It was quiet and generaly friendly.

The drive here was uneventful thankfully and the scenery was phenomenal, it was really nice to see some green and trees for a change since being in the desert so long.

Multi-layers of mountains barely visible in the (smog?)

All the multi-layers of mountains didn't show up well in the pictures


San Bernadino in the distance

We arrived at our new RV Park and managed to get set up just as darkness was falling, then off to see our friends Vickie & Bruce. They picked us up in their Golf Cart and Vickie was going to drive us to their place - when she couldn't find the lights or how to turn the damn thing on... we almost walked, but instead had a nice relaxing ride over some speed bumps that almost knocked us off the back of the cart, it was great! LOL

Lights wrapping the Palm Trees made a beautiful sight

We had a great visit and a fabulous meal that Vickie had made. I have some dietary restrictions and she was panicking about it but everything was fantastic. Roast Chicken and Lemon Roasted Potatoes, she was going to make a salad but I can't eat lettuce so she didn't. She also put on an appetizer spread when we first arrived and that was really good too, even the Gluten-free bread and faux hummus stuff (I've no  idea what it was) were delicious. Thank you Vickie. (perhaps she will Anonymously let us know what that hummus stuff was in the comments below)

We were so hungry I almost forgot the pics

We got to meet their friends George and Andy, I didn't take pictures of them because frankly we were enjoying their company and I forgot. Will ask them today, if we see them (I always ask first). They were a lot of fun and seem like people we'd really have a blast spending time with. (Bruce drove us back- just sayin'')

It was a great night and we really appreciated all the effort that went into making our first night here a fun and filling one!

Friday, 17 November 2017

At Peace

So my Wonderful Husband was in some pain this morning after washing the RV yesterday. He was so bad he was going to go back to the place he went to the other day but after remembering her sandpaper hands figured he'd rather suffer through it than go there again. Fortunately he is feeling much better after his medication reduction but today he was dealing with his neck/back pain again but for a different reason.

I googled to see what else I could find. I always prefer place with websites simply because it gives you a better idea what your walking into.

I found one called At Peace Massage which had a 5* rating from 30 people on Google and he called to see about getting in today... she was booked but unsure if her 9:40am would show. He gave her his number just in case and we decided to wait and see what happened. About 10 minutes later the phone rang and Heather said she could fit him in at 10am. Done and he was showered and out the door before I knew it.

It is worth noting that because she hasn't paid $500 to be on a Google Search Engine her website will only show on Yelp! and Google Maps. There is also plenty of room for RV parking he tells me.

At Peace Massage Building


Heather can be reached at (775) 513-5916. One of her Massage Contracts is providing massage services to Poker tournaments in Las Vegas, NV she clearly knows what she's doing. Heather is very polite, friendly, welcoming and accommodating, she truly wants to help people who are in pain. A huge thank you to her for helping Brad today, although I have to chuckle because when he came home he was like this:

No further comment required

While Brad was away... I got to work.

I tore all the stuff out of the basement and reorganized to accommodate the Jeep windows as I have mentioned I needed to do. Our basement is now completely organized (finally, I know) and the doors are safely tucked in down there. I was able to move some memorabilia (we failed to leave at Brad's Mum's when we were there), the fishing tackle box, Xmas ornaments and life jackets to the under bed area. I also managed to create a more suitable spot to keep the towbar when we are not towing.

Remember me mentioning that the antennae pole was too big to fit below and we had to travel with it inside the RV? I went to the office to inquire if anyone might have a hacksaw and sure enough... when Bill realized Brad was not around he was either being chivalrous or he didn't want me breaking his hacksaw so he cut the pole for me in 2 places. 4 ft each. Perfect. That also fits snuggly into the basement now.

I took Robbie to the Dog Park for awhile this afternoon and then when Brad returned and was having a nap I walked over to the ClubHouse and updated my iPhone on the wifi since its been plaguing me for days to update it.

I have to get better at the picture thing I know. When we're out I mostly remember to take pictures but when I'm just hanging at home doing stuff I often forget. We had a quiet afternoon at home getting ready to head out in the morning and catch up with Vicky and Bruce. Vicky is making dinner tomorrow night - Bonus! We hear she's a great cook, so quite looking forward to that.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

RV Tetris

As per usual it was a slow start to the day, a very slow start. We didn't even get beautified until after 1pm!

We did however manage to get more done today than most days. We sorted through and organized the under bed storage this morning. We need to create a space to put the Jeep windows, while not huge, they are a fair size and with the new mesh on Deuce we can't fit the windows in the back anymore.

While sorting, I managed to set aside several items that I took to the Club House, they have a table where people can donate things and if someone wants them they put a donation in the jar and the funds go to activities for the park.

If it were up to me I'd have a hell of a lot more stuff to donate but His Lordship gets sensitive when I get rid of stuff he's paid for not that long ago. See the problem arises because when we purchased the RV in Red Deer and drove it out to the East Coast, we had nothing. So I went into Walmart and bought what we'd need for a couple of weeks to get home. ie Kettle, Plates etc.

Once we were home and I was loading the RV we no longer needed a lot of this stuff as we had our own things. I am gradually trying to eliminate stuff but I have to do it slowly...

Brad took the RV to the Park's Wash area to give it a good cleaning and buffing. I was doing laundry and then I took Robbie to the bigger Dog Park within the Park (there are two).

Another dog joined us so he got to play with a friend for awhile but after the friend left Robbie just laid at my feet so we went back to the RV and I helped Brad with the buffing. That was a lot of work and he will surely pay for that tomorrow.... I forgot to take my camera so didn't get any pics of the dog park.

Returning the rig to our 'spot' we got it set up again and caved in and went out for supper. Where to eat when your in Pahrump, NV? ChatThai, of course. Sure enough, the food was just as good today as it was on Monday! Incredible.

Funny thing is, shortly after we got settled at a table a woman came in to pick up her order and apparently she had wanted 3 orders of Calamari and they had only made 2. They asked for 15 min to make another for her but she refused and walked out without any of her order. Her loss is our gain. We could see it all sitting in the window waiting for pickup so Brad asked Jen (Waitress) what her order was... Wonton Soup and 2 orders of Calamari... "We'll take the Calamari" he tells her. No need to let good food go to waste and we had nibbles while they made our order. They gave us the 2nd order, on the house.

One Calamari

Two Calamari

Pair of Kings (alcoholic beverage for me)

Drunken Pan Fried Noodles

Sweet Green Curry & Pork Stirfry in Oyster Sauce

Sweet Green Curry

Chat (owner) was not there tonight so I still have not been able to meet him but his guys did him proud with the food they were serving. And, I was surprised to see that even with the owner absent there was a guy cleaning the equipment which really surprised me, I must say. Usually when the cat's away.... Poor Jen had new shoes on tonight and they were really bothering her feet. She was super busy and honestly had trouble finding a minute to put a bandaid on the blisters. She is a great waitress and given what she was dealing with there tonight, we gave her a 30% tip to show our appreciation for her efforts. Definitely not the norm for us, to us 15% is pushing it and I always try to stay to 10% just out of principle because the 15% infuriates me... but that's another blog.

RV Life is a game of Tetris! Tomorrow our big plan is for me to work some magic on the under bays to create room for the windows which will free up a large space under the bed for stuff which is currently kept in the under bays. We have decided to spend most of the day tomorrow (weather is supposed to be nice) sitting outside, relaxing and having a drink or two.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Home Work

Slow start again this morning, in fact it was after 1pm when we finally left the house (RV). I realized this morning that I didn't have the lubricant that you are supposed to put around the toilet seal so we headed to RV Superstore first. "Most people just use Vaseline" she tells me. Well! Off to Walmart we go. I got Robbie new treats (he hates the ones I picked up for him, won't even eat them. Odd), and a  special bone treat for the ride home, Vaseline, Twinkies, Pretzel somethingorothers, a lint brush for the rugs (dog hair mania) and a loaf of bread. Easy right? Nope.

Blonde roots reared up again. I'm not used to the carousel of bags they use down here so I grabbed the 2 bags closest to me which looked like they had stuff in them and off I went. Loaded them into the back of Deuce (Jeep), gave Robbie his car ride treat and we came home.

Putting everything away I realize... all I have are the dog treats and a loaf of bread. You'll recall I went to Albertson's a couple of days ago and left without my bread and buns there also. Perhaps oldtimers is catching up to me.

Off I go to Wally World again to get my stuff while Brad takes the toilet off.

He had it waiting when I returned and we quickly set about replacing the gaskets and putting it all back together.

In all it took probably 30 min and that was only because I couldn't find the right size allen key. I had watched some YouTube videos yesterday so we knew what we had to do and easy peasy, yaba daba doo it was done. Our Thetford toilet once again holds water!

Now if I can just keep my head above same I'll be doing alright.

I think I'm going to try to change my website so that I have a separate page(s) for restaurants and perhaps even services like Solar and Awnings. Separated by State/Province for ease of lookup. I have no delusions that I'm some kind of critic, absolutely not my thing but I know with my memory I won't be able to remember when we're in Kansas that ABC restaurant is the place to go or that DEF restaurant is not. Having a separate area within the blog will allow me (and by default, you) to quickly and easily find somewhere good to stop for some grub when in Maine or Texas or...

If we get hit by a sudden storm and something breaks it would be nice to have easy access to what businesses are where and how good are they. Much like Yelp! but this will be our first hand account. Piggy backing off of Yelp! and Google reviews.... I'm sure you've heard they have services  in the world today that write a lot of those reviews so this way I know its real.

I'm bringing this up because when I start fiddling anything is possible. I might erase the entire website and cause myself all kinds of grief. If this happens, please be patient while I sort it all out and remember I'm blonde so just smirk and hold on I'll be back.. Hopefully nothing major happens.

Wish me luck... and thanks for popping by.

Update: I did it! I have separate pages above that link to our personal experiences with restaurants and services. I'm a genius!!! LOL

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Tecopa and ChatThai

Before I get to this evening's dinner meal...

Let me tell you about our day...

We had a slow start today, no surprise there. We like to have a coffee and do our online routines in the morning without rushing ourselves. After that it's time to beautify (takes him much longer, naturally), then we're out the door.

Today our plan was to go to Tecopa Hot Springs hoping it would provide a little more relief for Brad. After driving through the hills behind Pahrump, NV we entered into California.

When we reached Tecopa I must say I was surprised. I guess living in Banff gave me a completely different image of what this place would be, I don't know why... but I was expecting it to be more developed. Instead it is pretty typical of what we've seen in the U.S. thus far, not much but dirt. Perhaps this sounds snooty or ignorant, I don't mean it that way it's just that I always had an image of the U.S (TV influence I suppose) and so far we haven't seen anything like that. Because of the Hot Springs being such a well known place, I guess I assumed. We all know how that goes...

The people of Tecopa obviously have a sense of humour

When we arrived, I realized that one of us would have to wait outside with Robbie. Obviously Brad went in and I waiting in the car with the dog.

Apparently you are not allowed to wear clothes in this Hot Springs. I saw no information about this online, so I'm glad I didn't get to go in. There were also a lot of foreign tourists there and while Brad doesn't give a damn, I would not have been comfortable. The Men go into one area and the Women another at least.

They advise no more than 10 min, which he found very relaxing. So that made the whole day worth it. $8 per person per day admission to the springs.

We then decided to head towards Furnace Creek but I didn't bring any information with me - or a map for that matter -  and we lost cell coverage. No service. No Google. No Map. Fortunately, I had not 'closed' Google Maps on my phone and so was able to still follow our route and see where the roads were. Not that it was complicated and I think we certainly could have found our way back to Pahrump, it gave me some peace knowing that the map was still there.

We didn't make it to Furnace Creek but got as far as Death Valley Junction. Again, nothing there really, just some old run down buildings some of which may/may not still be in operation... but I'd be inclined to think they may not. The Opera House had a padlock on the door, and there was a guy there taking what I think was Time-lapse photos of the shadows creeping across the outside wall of the building. That was cool, he seemed pretty intense in what he was doing so I didn't approach him to inquire, just made sure to stay out of the light.

We took a little off-road road that lead off the highway on our way home, only about a mile or so and stayed within sight of the highway just in case. We are accumulating some 'emergency' essentials but we are not there yet, and as we were out there by ourselves we didn't go too Rogue.

Once we got home we stopped at the Park office to see if our package had arrived with the Jeep mesh cover, it had. Makes the Jeep look pretty 'tough' which Brad likes, and I guess I do too. It does look good I think. We had some trouble getting it on because we had to put it overtop of the existing 'enclosure' as we have nowhere to store it otherwise. We did manage to get it on eventually, not that difficult just required some exertion.

My girlfriend Vicky (I'm mentioned her before) had suggested a Thai restaurant when she heard we were heading to Pahrump, NV. This morning I looked it up. ChatThai. The website is clearly professionally done, and looks pretty swanky honestly. The website gave me the impression that you had to make a reservation to get in. Not particularly our style but Brad has had the sniffles the last day or two and with everything else he's been dealing with, I figured a good spicy meal would help. I called and Jen said you didn't need to make a reservation but you could (I guess for large groups). I made a reservation for 5:30pm. 

Then remembered our toilet (Thetford) is not holding water and I had meant to call the local RV Superstore. I dropped everything and called to see if they had the required gaskets so I can fix it. They did, so at 4:30pm I flew over there to grab it ($20). Making it back just in time to head over for our dinner reservation.

Gordon Ramsay, Who?...

The ChatThai is a quiet, comfortable little hideaway located in a strip mall along the main road in Pahrump, NV.  When we arrived, we didn't think to mention we had a reservation since we almost never make reservations. During the meal the owner asked the waitress about the reservation and they decided to take the table 'down'... I didn't realize at first, but after a few seconds realized that WE were that reservation. I let her know that we were the reservation and apologized for creating extra work for her.

We ordered fresh Spring Rolls, Yom Tom soup, Drunk Pan Fried Noodles with Beef and Green Curry with Jasmine Rice. Other menu items may be found here.

How this guy is still operating in a little tucked away bistro is beyond me. His food is phenomenal, the best meal I have ever had. Bar None. Literally. He would give Gordon Ramsay a run for his money.

We watch a lot of Gordon Ramsay and he always talks about the flavours and that you can taste all the different flavour and they all blend together so well. I never understood what the hell he was talking about. Honestly, I'm not a foodie. We just like to eat out a lot.

Now I know what Gordon is talking about. The food at ChatThai is an experience that I highly recommend. I don't know the Owner/Chef  (who's name is Chat I learned while writing this) and in fact, did not even speak to him today, though I should have and regret not having done so now. As always, we have received nothing for this review.

I can't express to you the quality of his flavours, it is simply Elegant. That is the only way I can explain it and I know it doesn't explain anything but that is literally the word I felt on my tongue as I ate. Elegant. The environment is very warm and welcoming, there was quiet oriental music playing in the background that really added to the ambiance beautifully. The Waitress this evening was Jen and she was fantastic, very professional and thorough. I have dietary requirements and she was very helpful with how our order would fit my personal needs.

This will be our only stop in any future Pahrump visits. I think I somehow turned a corner today after experiencing this food and I am grateful for it.