Thursday, 5 January 2017

An unprecedented life

So I know that I haven't posted for awhile, my heart just wasn't in it. I am really trying very hard not to put specifics on this blog about our current circumstance and I'm sorry but its very difficult to write a post without it so it takes me awhile to figure it out. Also, I don't want this blog to be a negative nelly either so please be patient with me. I'm pretty sure no one is reading this yet anyway so...

As far as whats happening, the crux is that we want to get out and enjoy all the wonders of life but are currently wrapped up in something which is very important not just to us but will also effect the rest of the country in due course. However, due to forces beyond our control which for the purposes of this blog I shall assume are incompetent -though malicious does come to mind, we are 'stuck'. Now by stuck I mean unable to move on. We need to get through this difficult period and then we can figure out what we will do.

I have been studying via YouTube, learning all the problems, fixes and glitches as well as different types of Class' and their functionality. I have pretty well set my heart on a LazyDaze Class C preferably with an Island Bed but... at this point I'd live in a cargo trailer (as seen on The Paddy Wagon ) just to get away from this place. 

We had decided instead of Xmas gifts we would buy each other a holiday somewhere, however spending $$$$$ on a holiday that could go towards an RV seems silly and I will gladly forsake a holiday to get away from here even for a little while. I am so over it, I can't even tell you. Ironically it was my idea to move here, I wanted to be somewhere uncomplicated -- ROFLMAO. Oh, how naive I can be. 

I will continue to make posts about the journey and all that we are learning. The biggest lesson from watching YouTube videos is that you can never prepare enough. So I will be taking advantage of this delay to learn as much as possible from dumping the tanks to replacing a solenoid.

Anyway, onward and upward!

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