Thursday, 5 January 2017


Pre start Comment:
I started this Blog Dec 5, 2016 on a different site and have just switched it to Blogger since I am already familiar with this system.

Okay so this is a story of a man and his wife…

Things have changed for us. We have decided to change with things.

What to do though… we are both retired, we have a reasonable income and the world, it turns out, is our oyster.

Now, we have a few ideas… but will he be convinced? Will I? Will we find a compromise?

Undoubtedly, I will be doing most of these blog posts but maybe, just maybe… we can get him into the groove

He is a retired infantry Captain with the Canadian Forces.

Robbie is our 7 yr old doggie.

Its been an interesting 12 years with my Mr., never a dull moment around here. But that was that and we are changing things up, so maybe one day we’ll meet up on the travel of life and we’ll give you the gist, until then – Times, they are a changing. WooHoo!

I have decided to start a blog to document our journey for family which is spread out and for posterity. Something to look back on and read while waiting for everyone to join the card table in the old folks home.

We genuinely don’t know what the future will bring. We thought about buying a sailboat and actually did find one (or several) that didn’t pan out. Perhaps an RV? (My idea) Perhaps no RV? (His idea).
So follow this journey with us and let’s find out together where we go and what we get up to while we’re there.

Welcome, we hope this gets good!

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