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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Rogue Service Dog

Our little Robbie got his new uniform today.

Hubby has PTSD from an accident in the military many moons ago, we were able to register our dog Robbie as a service dog for him and we received all the details in the mail today as well as his new uniform and collar including a service dog tag and wallet ID card.

We had been concerned about how we would be able to travel given the huge role Robbie plays in our day to day life, this is no longer an issue as he is now able to go with us wherever we go.

This is a huge relief for us as you might imagine and puts us a step closer to going Rogue.


  1. So happy you got him registered as a service dog. We have a bullmastiff. She is a sweeheart and wouldn't hurt a thing, but she's big and many campgrounds are hesitant to let her in. We have to limit where we can stay at times. It's wonderful that your Robbie can go everywhere without limitations! Wonderful news!

  2. He was registered before we knew about the campground issues but I have since heard that it can be a problem sometimes, so whew! Just felt that having him registered would un-complicate things while travelling without really knowing any specific issues, women's intuition I guess. Anyway, we don't intend to take him everywhere joined at the hip, but allowing Brad the freedom to in the event I am not with him is definitely a relief.