Thursday, 5 January 2017

What a week

Not many people outside of perhaps North Korea would even believe what we have been through this week. As someone who is all about helping others, I will be making it my life's work now to ensure that no one else unknowingly walks into this situation that may both risk and potentially ruin their lives.

I am so angry at this moment that I probably should not be writing this post. My give-a-f* factor is gone and frankly my dear I don't give a damn anymore. I am merely an aside to the travesty, my husband is the actual victim. He has the patience of Job clearly because I am roiling. Obviously he is very angry also but his control is, in my experience anyway, unprecedented like everything else around us these last few years.

Unfortunately, at this time, I am not going to go into details as to what has transpired for reasons which will likely become apparent later but I wanted to add my current state to the old folks home reading list. (see Blog called Introduction)

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