Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Our new RV

Happy Valentines Day! Today is the day we count as our anniversary of being together because we don't remember the actual day so I chose one he is less likely to forget. 12 years already!!! Wow never a dull moment..

Well we did it! We just found our RV. It all happened so fast, I haven't wrapped my mind around it yet. I'm gobsmacked. Its perfect. Owned by an older couple in the U.S., has an Island bed and a spot for the dog between the seats. What more could a girl ask for?

The current owner is taking it in for inspection and when it passes, then we will be flying waaay south and driving it back. THAT will be a really long trip.

Just don't know what to do with myself right now, excited, nervous, scared. God help me if this is a bust because it was my idea to move here also and that didn't work out real well. I have the insurance organized already just waiting on our say so. At time of writing it has only been 1.5 hrs since we found her.. yup, lots to do.

Now to get my head on straight so I can figure out just what that to do list is.

Wish us luck.


  1. Happy anniversary to you! It's great to read something from someone going through the same thing! My hubby is just a few months away from early retirement, we have 30+ years under our belts, and our tastes and dreams have sure changed. Now that we are facing the future with totally a different perspective, a RV is now our dream home. I wish you good luck!

    1. Its was a relatives anniversary, not ours. Thanks for the kind words though and will you be doing a blog or other of your adventure?

    2. Sorry Liza, I just realized which Blog this comment was on. I had just posted a different blog about someone else's anniversary so I assumed.... and yes, I made an a** of myself. Thanks for the wishes. I shall pay better attention in future.


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