Saturday, 25 February 2017

RV update

So I was oogling through Kijiji yesterday when I came across a new post of the type of RV we have been looking for. Its bigger than our hoped for 26-30 coming in at 32 but the price was right and with some research (we've seen our share of what we believe to be scammers, so..) it looks legit. We have sent a deposit and will be going to pick her up in a couple of days.

We've had such a hard time finding an RV that I'm finding it hard to get excited. I am excited and relieved that the hunt appears to be over but until I have it in hand...

Naturally all of this took place on a Friday night so we are unable to do arrange insurance or banking until Monday (our bank is closed on weekends). Patience required yet again.

Now I will be re-researching solar, CPAP batteries, Berkey water filters and any and all RV accessories and gadgets available on the world market. Did I mention I'm a gadget queen?

This unit comes with a TV in the dash (groan) so I will also be looking for ideas on what to use that space for. Any suggestions welcome. I have a few edits I had planned to do to her when we found her but this particular unit may not need much. New fabrics will be a must, probably new flooring (RVJedeye) but do I really want to paint all the wood? Thats a lot of wood. Now, we were professional painters before we retired, but... thats a lot of wood.... I'll keep you posted on whether or not my bone idleness wins on that one.

Here's to a lot of fun times and fun friends ahead!


  1. All the best to you folks in your RV renos and upcoming travels.


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