Wednesday, 29 March 2017

...and we're home

Well, as hard as we tried there was no missing the flight. We woke up at 5am Monday, beautified with coffee in hand and were out the door by 6am. A quick drive to London Heathrow - too quick. Neither of us wanted to make the flight, the Nav system said there was a 53 minute delay on our route and would we like to take an alternate. No. Turns out that enough people did take the alternate route that ours cleared up. Damn it.

Into Heathrow, bags checked with Air Canada for our Lufthansa booked flight and then it took us 23 min to clear security. A lot of people were getting scanned with the people scanning whatsit machine and I assured Brad that if they put me in that thing, I would be doing a bum wiggle for sure. They didn't, someone must have heard me...

We proceeded to the shops looking for the tourist stuff we hadn't found anywhere else during the 2 week stay and walked right into a sunglass shop where His Lordship finally bought himself a pair. Prada. Yes, well the Devil is known to wear them, so $287 CAD later... we then found some things to bring home to friends and proceeded to the gate where I was handed the credit card and told to go get myself something. No argument here.. Off to Harrod's I went. Just couldn't bring myself to do it but I did find a ring that was ONLY 5550 GBP, thats only a measly $12000 CAD. No.

The flight was relatively quick, something like 5 hours. We were due to land at 2:50 and even though we were an hour getting off the runway at Heathrow, our fantastic pilots managed to get us back on the ground 1/2 an hour early. Never ceases to amaze me how that works... well we were flying at 34,000 ft, that probably had something to do with it.

Snow on the ground here and the lakes are still frozen, can we go back? No.

We have an RV we need to reboot and we still haven't figured out what design we want to go with. We are both jet lagged and our sleep schedule is still on GMT, hope we can remedy that quickly.

Today is Wednesday and Wednesday is Massage day for Hisself. While he is relaxing, I will be going to my previous employer for a conversation. I have retired from this place something like 3 times already, I'm just a sucker for punishment. I told them before the trip that I would be coming back to work when we got home. We are home. Aaargh, why can't I keep my mouth shut. Honestly, I don't mind the job, its the office politics that drives me nuts. They previously told me that they were going to be sorting some of it out, we shall see about that. As I mentioned, we live in the middle of nowhere and it can be quite boring when your retired, so I'd like to go back to work to keep myself occupied. It is still too cold to do anything on the RV anyway and it sounds like they could use the help at work.

Here we are, we have a beautiful home on a beautiful spot and we love it... if only we didn't have to walk out the front door. I so miss England already. When we arrived at our little cottage in England, I promptly went to Sainsbury's for some groceries. We hardly touched any of it as we were eating in restaurants and at Bob & Jane's for the most part. After 2 weeks of sitting in the fridge the bag of spinach was still fresh and the tomatoes were as firm as the day I bought them. Oh, how I miss England. To have a variety of fresh foods both meat and veg is such a blessing that I know I took for granted most of my life. Lesson learned = be grateful for even the simplest of things.

Huge thanks again to Bob & Jane for putting up with us and allowing us to crash their anniversary party. We truly enjoyed our time with them. xxx


  1. You should stay retired and write, write, write. I love your style of writing--very descriptive and humorous and personable. Is there a book in you? I loved your trip to England--thanks again for taking me along. Dawn

    1. Aah, watch for my next blog... I went to work yesterday...

    2. As to a book, well I have thought about it. Life is definitely interesting isn't it.. just not sure I have it in me. I keep telling Brad to write a book, been on him for years about it... he may yet and THAT would be fascinating - guaranteed. The last several years for us have been a non-fiction novel noone would believe.

  2. "....beautiful spot... if only we didn't have to walk out the front door" I get that!! Oh and *that* book would be one VERY interesting book, that's for sure. Hopefully he will write it one day :)

    Welcome home guys!


    1. Thanks for the welcome home, sure miss you guys!


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