Thursday, 23 March 2017

Massage and Massacre

It is still Wednesday as I type this and I have finally managed to get that damn video edited. Knowing how it goes together will go a long way to knowing what/how to take video.

 As I type this I am upstairs in our cottage bedroom whilst His Lordship is in the Livingroom having a massage!!! With his back/neck injuries -- and this bed, he was having so much trouble we booked a massage for him. Generally, he has an hour massage every Wednesday but being on holiday... anyway we found a lady who has come here to the cottage to attempt to straighten him out. Good Luck I say, I've been trying to straighten him out for 12 years!!! And his Mother far longer than that. But I digress... This massage therapist Boryana works at Remedial Touch Works they offer both clinic and home appointments and can be contacted at or by mobile at 07473687676.

Our video arrived this morning. We had watched 'Pay it forward' the other night at Bob & Jane's and we mentioned 'Sixth Sense', which they had never seen... so we ordered it on Amazon Prime and this morning there it is. So, tonight its movie and popcorn night! Love 'Sixth Sense', so quite looking forward to that.

Had a chuckle this morning when we learned that back home they have had 20+cm of snow, freezing rain and are now under a blowing snow advisory. Of course, here it is lovely and warm though it does spit and rain occasionally but we'll take it.

Quite sure I will leave the publication of this post until tomorrow just in case anyone out there enjoys the reading of it with their morning coffee as I do with my own blog list. That blog list is really quite handy because though I have a lot of blogs on it it refreshes new posts to the top. Each morning I simply go through the blogs that I have not yet read while guzzling my Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino. (yes, I brought 2 cans with me to England)

I have noticed that the email notification for new blog posts takes roughly 12-24 hours to come out. Seems silly to me. Well worthwhile to create a blog page just to have a current blog list even if you don't post anything yourself.

Perhaps today I will try to get some video of us just walking along as some do on their YouTube videos, I find it very intimidating to take selfie's and talk to a camera, I must say. So in an effort to get past that I think we should take some footage even if I don't use it for anything - kind of a warm up and it will allow me to play around with the YouTube editor too. I know there are other video editors out there that perhaps are easier/more functional, but I have not yet had an opportunity to look around. Any suggestions? Leave a comment below.

Take note that from this end it is great when people leave comments because then you get to know who your audience is. Flowergirl for example left a comment yesterday and this morning when I was reading The Bayfield Bunch I saw a comment by her there and so now I know where she came from... Thanks Al & Kelly! (& Pheebs of course -the star of the Bayfield show ;) )

[Time Lapse to the next day]

Good morning, We did watch 'Sixth Sense' last night and loved it as always, I think Bob & Jane will be watching it again LOL In fact, I'm quite sure Bob found it a bit dull until it was over and then he was shaking his head because he wasn't expecting that - which is precisely the point. So I do believe he will be watching that again! We had such a large supper before the movie that we completely forgot the popcorn -- AND the Sticky Toffee Pudding, which I now look forward to for tonight.

Anyone who watches the news will no doubt be aware of the attack on Westminster yesterday from which (currently) 5 people have died. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families. We are a couple of hours away from London but it does make you more aware of your surroundings when something like this happens.

Today is Thursday. Market Day. A must do for us -as mentioned earlier we have no shops where we live never mind fresh produce/meats so market day is a real treat for us boonie livers. Also there is a shop we each have a bracelet we wear from which Bob & Jane sent to us since we were here last. Will definitely be popping in to see what is new.

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  1. I love the Sixth Sense--one of my very favorite movies. I was distressed to hear of the attack on Westminster on our national news the day it happened--glad that you were nowhere near. The world has become a scary place. Dawn


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