Monday, 6 March 2017

She's a Goodun'

Our new to us RV has passed her safety inspection today!!! Woohoo. We will be going to the local DMV to plate her tomorrow and driving her home. YAY!

Everything checked out. The mechanic said the brakes, tires, shocks - everything was in really good shape. She was well taken care of. This is a huge relief for us as much as we liked the fella we bought her from we were concerned when the roof began leaking a waterfall on our heads that he said had been repaired. So, all we have to do now is fix the roof and then gut her and make her pretty.

Easy, right?!

Probably not - but we have been watching a lot of videos in order to learn how to do this roof repair. Unfortunately, or fortunately... (time will tell) we live a long way from anyone professional-like that could fix the roof, so we intend to do it ourselves... I'm planning to put the reno and roof repair on YouTube so watch for that. However, it seems a certain sustained temperature is required to do this job and well its just not that warm where we live...

Remember me talking about ditching the dinette? Well Eric at Nomadic Fanatic put out a video today of the beginning of his doing just that. If you are considering such a thing yourself, I suggest you watch his posts on the topic, mostly because we haven't discussed it yet and as of now ours is staying....

I just want to get her home. I have a few sewing projects I want to do but can't even think about it until I have proper measurements, etc. Though we still don't know what kind of look we are going for. Our home is Rustic and we both really like that but think we want something different for the RV or 'Condo' as we're calling her. Personally I do not like the 'modern' look especially with our black furball dog, this whole paint everything white business is not my cup of tea...

I am overhearing as I type this that a project that hubby was just working on has come to an abrupt end it seems so perhaps I can get his attention long enough to make some decisions.... gotta go get him while I have the chance.

Next up: Bringing the baby home


  1. We took dinettes out of 2 rigs and never looked back :) We took all the furniture out of one rig. We used 2 lawn chairs until we could make the trip to IKEA to deck it back out,,,, have fun. we will enjoy being arm chair quarter backs..... Kelly

    1. Ha Ha I guess thats only fair since I've been armchair quarterbacking you guys for awhile now... now you can rest and let us do the hard stuff.. LOL

  2. My husband uses the dinette (it's a pull out with chairs and not a booth) for his office since he is still working from the road. We never used it anyway except to play cards or games when the kids were with us (portable table works for that). I don't really miss it--and him having office space is necessary for the lifestyle, so it's worth it. Can't wait for updates once she's home! Each step gets you a little bit closer! So excited for you. Dawn

    1. Thanks Darlin', always nice to hear from you. I'm getting a few regulars on here which is Awesome!!! I hate the dinette and think at the very least we should cut it back to open the walkway up more, but.... it takes two to tango as they say.


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