Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The House

Someone asked about our 'Rustic' house so I thought I'd post a pic or two of that before posting about the 'Condo' (RV).

My plan today is to take video and pictures of the RV as it is now and get that posted so anyone watching will be able to follow whatever it is we get ourselves into with the project.

So our Home (sticks and bricks) is on the ocean. We purchased a little piece of land with a rundown little house on it. We bought it because of the property and certainly not for the house. Its a long a complicated story but the gist is we lived in the rundown shack (after doing renovations to the small space) for a few years and recently tore it down and built our new home which we love.

Before moving to the East Coast we lived in the mountains and both love the wood/rock rustic look so that is what we did. Hope you like it too.


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