Friday, 17 March 2017

A Day at the Dentist

Unfortunately, yesterday turned out to be another quiet day. Brad's brother was not feeling well so Brad & I were going to take a bus to the next town to get my iPhone dealt with but the best made plans... Brad got a very painful toothache so we ended up spending most of the day dealing with that.


While sitting in the waiting room, I was quite surprised when reading some pamphlets to discover that the Dentists over here do Botox!! Now, perhaps I don't spend enough time at the dentist back home, but I'm pretty sure they don't do Botox. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Late afternoon we went around to Bob & Jane's and Brad finished the Lasagna for our dinner and we enjoyed some lovely garlic bread with it. I had picked up some lovely doughnuts (more like an eclair as we in North America know it) but it was a delicious cake type pastry sliced as you would an eclair and stuffed with REAL cream and a thin stripe of a jam substance run the length of it. The local bakery has some really enticing and unique (to us, at least) products, which makes me happy we are here for 2 weeks, allowing plenty of time to try a good many ;)

We enjoyed a nice visit with Bob & Jane but came home early due to His Lordship's toothache and were in bed by 9pm.

Below are some interior pics of the cottage we are staying in. It is a lovely little cottage perfect for 2 people for a couple of weeks. I would not want to LIVE in it, as it is quite small by North American standards but you certainly could and obviously many people have over a couple of centuries since it was built but for a cottage it is ideal and has all the necessities including a washer/dryer combo!

One thing I have noticed over here is that the electrical wires coming into the house are much smaller than we are used to, and of course each plug has a switch to turn the power on/off. When plugging something in back home the power to the item comes on instantly and without delay, here you can almost watch it as it runs through the wires and into the item before it comes on. North America would do well to have each plug on a switch as we all know that appliances still draw power even when the item in turned off. Having an on/off switch at the plug would go a long way to conserving the power which our 'Leadership' is always harping at us about. Just saying, this is a simple solution that at least England has already long ago devised. Perhaps we are so busy being the best (in our own minds) that the 'Leadership' doesn't want to go backwards even when backwards would in fact be forward.

Today, iPhone?!


  1. The cottage looks lovely! I like the idea of the on/off switch. Our RV does it automatically with my hairdryer and/or straightener. I can't have the fan cooling down my hot flash and dry my hair at the same time. :) Dawn