Thursday, 6 April 2017

Heavyweights and a decor plan!

We have been on what my husband calls a 'starvation diet' the past week. We signed up on MyFitnessPal last Friday I think it was and it turns out when you sit on your arse all day you get fat!! Who knew?! This sedentary lifestyle of late has got to go! We went to the big city yesterday and picked up a used treadmill too. In order to lose weight will sitting on his tush The Hubster gets to eat 1500 calories and I get 1200 - hey, what happened to equal rights?!

The software linked above is a pretty good system. You can search for whatever you eat by brand, including Tim Hortons coffee... or Green Giant beans, whatever. Restaurants and their offerings are listed as well. Just search what you ate and it will tell you. Careful though that you have find the listing that helps you with your entry- for example, if you ate an 8 oz ribeye at Montana's Cookhouse you can search for it but it helps if you find a listing that offers the details by the oz or at least by ounces.. so you can enter your 8 oz ribeye as Montana's Cookhouse ribeye 4oz and put the servings at 2 to create the entry as an 8 oz serving. (PS. Restaurant meals are excessively high in calories, so I don't recommend this without consulting your physician ;))

Yesterday, I finally settled on a decor plan. I want a dark colour on the bottom because its camping after all and we have a dog and a light colour on the top to help with the open and airy foofooiness of it all. I really like Chocolate but its such a warm colour for Arizona even in spring and grey (the latest trend) seems too cold for the winter months we intend to be spending in the RV. (January to June) So, what's a girl to do? Blend. I chose a colour that is a chocolate version of grey! The ceiling, walls and upper cabinets will be white (except for a highlight wall I haven't decided whether to do in this choco/grey or in literal wood), the lower cabinets and bed frame will be choco/grey.

I ordered some fabric (god don't let me mess this up, its expensive!) to redo the dinette I can't get rid of (because His Lordship wants it to stay) and I will also do the window valance thingys in it too. We all know the internet will not do this justice but here is the fabric colour.

Here is a mock up before/after I did online just to get a feel for it...

I'm thinking of making butcher block for the counter, table, desk and vanity. Have never done butcher block before so that should be interesting. I will be checking with my local wood supply guy to see if they have anything wide enough in a slab first, but likely I will need to do a butcher block- wish me luck on that one. 

I would like to replace the stainless steel sink since the counters will be swapped out with a single deep black. The current sink is great as a deep double but with so little counter space I think it would be preferable to get a single deep sink that I can put in side to front (as seen in the Newark RV in a previous blog). This will free up counter space which though the table could be used for chopping veggies, a certain someone will need to put his Keurig somewhere. Alternately, I may be able to just turn the existing sink sideways (I'm realizing as I type this). If I can find a way to do that which will fit the sink while still allowing for a faucet! I'll let you know.

I was searching through my fabric remnants and found what I think will be a good fit for my decor idea and so today I made 2 pillows for the sofa we don't yet have. Did I mention I'm bored? Anyway, this is the colour scheme I'm aiming for and yes, its darker than the fabric I ordered.

While it is still too cold up here in Hell to get started on anything significant yet, at least I have a plan now and can proceed with some of it which would normally be done at the end but ... a girl has to do what a girl has to do!

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