Tuesday, 4 April 2017

It seemed like a good idea

So I went to work on Monday, my 1st day back in a year. I have retired from this place about 3 times now, and I'm always welcome to go back but this time was different, for me at least.

Because we live in an isolated locale, I was bored. I decided to go back to work simply for something to do and had planned to stay there on a 2 or 3 shift/wk schedule until we leave in January. When I got there though it was totally different than I had hoped. I spent 2 hours there and just had to leave. Apparently it is true what they say, "you can't go back".

I left mainly because it was obvious I was causing a problem for the younger staff as it was apparent they were uncomfortable taking direction from me when the person they are used to taking direction from was there. Rather than get them in 'trouble' with her, I just went. Thinking about it on the way home I was contemplating what I would do to sort this problem out and realized that I just didn't care, my heart wasn't in it anymore. After sleeping on it, I advised my boss that it wasn't going to work out.

So what to do? Winter here takes forever to leave and we won't be able to do much to the RV before June. But, I can do some of the sewing projects that I have in mind. I want to make a quilt for the bed and change out the fabrics on all the windows. I've considered doing videos of the quilt and other fabric mods but as I'm just not that good at it I haven't decided if I will. Brad has agreed to let me paint the cabinets WOOHOO! so now its just a matter of the colour scheme... I shall work on that today.

There are a few things I want to order from Amazon too. Nothing particularly pressing but I came across the Berkey Water Filter a couple of months ago and definitely want to get one, also a tankless water heater and a few other things. It sounds like we will be gutting most of the RV to make sure there isn't any mold issues with her which will allow us to ensure the insulation is sufficient so I look forward to that (silly cow). Most likely that will be another one of those "it seemed like a good idea at the time' things.

Having been born in England and shuffled back and forth many times during my childhood, I quickly learned to adapt my accent (you know how kids can be) and so now when we go to England I pick up the accent very quickly and it still lingers now, a week later. Last time we went for 2 weeks it was 3 weeks after we got home before it left. I'm sure some people think I'm cracked but thats just the reality of it. I also lived for almost a year in the good ol' USA and picked that one up too. So if we come across each other in the path of life and I sound funny - you'll know why.

Because our weather is so bad (blizzard right now) and is often that way- rain or snow, we are trying to purchase a treadmill, just an ordinary treadmill and found one after much research on Amazon. However, upon checkout I was promptly advised by the internet guru gadget that they don't ship such items to our geographic location. Told you we were isolated. We have had armchairs delivered but large electronics? - nope. So I shall be back at that today as well as sorting a colour scheme for the RV and I have a load of laundry....

My posts will likely be sparse until such time as something exciting happens around here. So to the handful of people who follow our stuff, I apologize, but it will get good eventually.

Not sure who I'm trying to convince - me or you...

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