Thursday, 27 April 2017

New dinette cushion covers

Tuesday afternoon to my surprise the fabric I ordered arrived. Didn't take quite as long as I had expected, so I ran down to the rig and grabbed the cushions out of her that I want to recover.

That very night, I began taking each one apart stitch by stitch while watching my favourite YouTubers. Carefully measuring each piece to ensure that both sides were the same I was happy to note that they were. I have written on each foam piece regardless just to make sure that the pairs stay together so I don't have to fight with puzzle pieces later.

Wednesday morning, two at a time I threw them into the washing machine with a good dose of bleach, borax, vinegar and laundry soap. The machine was not able to spin them very well so I grabbed my rubber boots and took them out to the deck where I stomped as much water out of them as possible and left them in the sun to dry. It was quite windy yesterday but they weren't finished drying before the winds associated with the coming rain picked up and I had to bring them inside.

With nowhere else to put dripping foams I stood them up on the woodshed framing wall. (This wall holds our wood piles from rolling out the door, and its almost spring so its open). The woodshed is designed to allow air flow. Still wet this morning so I will try to spin them one at a time in the machine today.

Meanwhile I cut the fabric to the pre-measured sizes and started putting together the new cushion covers. Only managed to get one done yesterday because I recorded the process and thought I'd just whip up the video to post on YouTube since I haven't posted anything for awhile now, however it took a lot longer than I expected. It is finished and online if you'd like to watch that video you can find it here.

So this morning once I am beautified I will get the other 3 cushions thrown together quickly (famous last words) and probably go to the rig to bring the cabinet doors up to the woodshed so that I can remove the remaining hardware, wash them with TSP , sand them down and generally prep them for priming and painting as soon as the weather cooperates.

Making YouTube videos is actually quite challenging, not just the editing which definitely is challenging but also when making the videos themselves you have to consider how each 'segment' will be used later in the editing process. I have found it much easier to to make many 'segments' for this purpose. Anyone who does these knows exactly what I'm talking about.

I don't have any fancy shmancy expensive video editing software (and I'm sure that shows) and only use free software to do my editing. I don't see the point to spending a couple hundred dollars for software you don't know you'll use yet. If my 'following' picks up and people are enjoying what I'm doing then I will look at some proper software, until then free it is.

I'm sure I've said this before but its very difficult watching yourself on video. I had no idea my speech pattern and facial whatever was like that, but it is. Weird. I guess you perceive your own characteristics are like those you watch through your own optical lenses but when you see it from the outside in its really nothing like you thought. Not that you DO think about it, LOL no idea what I thought really, just didn't see myself as the camera does I guess. Anyway, like I said its weird.


  1. Love the video. It's going to be so pretty when you are done!

  2. Thanks Dawn! The cushions worked out quite well and the valances are underway but taking some time due to life stuff getting in the way not to mention work 2 days a week...


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