Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Reno has begun

The other day I went to the RV to grab some paperwork for the solar calculations I was doing and when I went inside wouldn't you know it the carpet was saturated. I don't just mean wet, I mean sopping wet.

This small leak is not so small. I can assure you that the roof appears visually to be good, there are no tears, rips or holes. It is apparent that the roof has been repaired before but it seems to me (as a layman) that perhaps the wrong roof repair materials were used. I know from my research that there are 2 types of rubber roofs - EPDM and TPO. If you use the wrong material it could bubble and cause problems. Today I went to the roof with a camera and it is evident to me that the issue is in the center above the driving cab. A repair which was done is clearly lifted and bubbled.

I put out a video today on YouTube but I didn't think to add anything about the roof in it so I will put a quick video of it here.

Yesterday we began with taking off the window coverings, cupboard doors and carpet. That was fun, and fairly easy. As expectedwhen we got the carpet out from the Livingroom area the floor was soaked not surprisingly. Naturally they used the cheapest stuff for the floor under the carpet, there is a name for it but its lost on my blonde roots so I'll just call it the not-so-plywood stuff. You know, the stuff that expands exponentially when it gets wet!!! Did I mention we have a leak? Yea, I thought so.

Brad was having a bad back day today (tomorrow is Massage Wednesday) and so I sent him off to get some groceries while I dragged a neighbour down to the rig to 'spot me' while I went up on the roof. After which I managed to get the doors off the overhead cab area and it was pretty apparent that the whole thing would have to go. So, I started taking it apart. When I finally freed up the piece closest to your head when you driving, it poured water out of every orifice it had - and it has a lot. I struggled getting it outside, but finally managed. Hopefully it will drain overnight. I'm hoping to cut a new piece of (preferably) plywood and reuse the fabric.

I had also hoped to get the left dinette off the floor to make carpet removal easier but getting into it I discovered that the electric step wiring runs through here so it won't be as easy as that. Probably not a biggie but I still decided to wait and think it through before I started messing with the electrics.

No idea what I will tackle tomorrow but that damn chair still needs to go, there are 2 bolts that spin and one that won't budge. On the bright side, we got one out no problem. Since the floor needs to go anyway, we are considering just cutting the floor out with it. Problem is, we don't know whats underneath.

Desperately searching for an indoor bay to do all this in, but it doesn't seem there are that many out our way and what few there are, are taken. My brother has offered that we could do it on his property but he lives a wee little drive from here so we'll have to see. A trip home to see the family would be nice but visits and alcohol (my favourite sister-in-law, you know who you are ;)) would definitely slow things down.

Just another day around here.

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