Thursday, 20 April 2017

Rogue Tarp, Pending Orders and FB

The tarp is off. Winds were strong the other night and ripped the grommets right out of the new $120 CAD tarp we purchased. We tried to sort it but it just wouldn't.. Hoping to get her inside shortly but we just have to leave her and hope for the best.

We have ordered the roof. Theoretically it will arrive shortly after we move her, allowing us some time to take off the existing stuff and clean the top of her. Think I will try to call buddy today and see how his boys are making out with finishing their work in the truck bay.

We tried to order the roof from a Canadian company but they are all so far away and we live so remote that the shipping was a problem, not just the cost (which was high) but also the company was having trouble finding a shipper to come out here. So we ordered it from a US company called Best Materials, Thank You Chuck! Still expensive with a high cost of shipping but at least they have someone who will bring it here - they say. "Don't borrow trouble" as Brad would say.

Checked in on the dinette/valance fabric again this morning and it is moving, it was in Moncton early hours this morning but they have changed the expected delivery date from April 21st to April 28th. I swear I don't make this stuff up.

Also on order are 3 fantastic fans, a plumbing vent and an Octopus tripod for the camera or iPhone. At this rate the shipping costs will equal what we paid for the whole RV! Exaggeration sure, but its climbing fast.

Time sure is dragging on at the moment, but we have what we need ordered and just have to wait that out. I know once things start happening in the next week or so there won't be a moments rest, and I cling to that. I'm a Type AAA personality, always wanting to be accomplishing something.

We now have a FaceBook account, well I opened it ages ago but deactivated it shortly after. I reactivated it yesterday. My problem with FB is the tracking. You have to enter your cell phone number and it then advises everyone who has your cell phone number in their Contacts list that you have created a FB account.

Well, because of Mr., we have well over 1000 business contacts in our list and I don't really want them all knowing my business. I'm trying to get away from all this not take it with me. I messed with some of the settings and it seems like I may have averted this problem. Its been 24 hours and I only have 4 friends. Sad, I agree but I'm hoping that number will increase with RVers and potential RVers.

Here is a link to our FB page if you want to be our friend and/or just follow along...

Editor's Note:  FB locked my account. Apparently it has to be in a name not a nickname, but they didn't message me to tell me that they just shut it down. I can't even go in an edit anything. Locked out.


  1. I wonder why Facebook did that!?!? How frustrating. I set mine up as a blogger and used the name of my blog for the title and they haven't shut me down yet. I'm not sure how it all works. They do "yell" at me if I go a few days without posting anything and they keep trying to sell me an advertising package to 'promote' my posts--it costs way more than the $1.89 I've made on the blog since January on Wordpress. :) I'm not in it for the money anyway, which is a good thing. I was sorry to hear they shut you down. Still following your journey no matter where you post it! Dawn

    1. Thanks Dawn, I'm just doing up a YT video at the moment so watch for that. Will likely incorporate it into a blog anyway though.


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