Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Update on Work, Fabric and George

Sunday I returned to work. What a great shift, one of the best I've had there. Super busy which always goes to make the shift go faster. Night and day to what it used to be like, everyone pulled their weight and cooperated. Yesterday was much slower but just as cooperative. Only problem was my feet and back were so sore I just wanted so desperately to sit down. I did in fact, sit down for a few minutes. Concrete floors are harsh and I have flat feet so its especially hard on them. I have to invest in some new insoles if I am to keep this up, my current insoles are clearly too squished. The good news is that I seem to have been accepted back into the fold, always nice.

I also think a Dr.'s appt is in the cards for my back. I coughed at work and it felt like my spine was going to separate. Perhaps the makings of a hernia but I shall leave that up to the Doc, my job is simply to point it out. Nurse NeverWell I am. Actually I hate going to the Dr., during my first appt I advised that I don't go to the Dr. unless I'm dying and was promptly advised that if I were dying it would be nice for the Dr. to know something about me! Point taken.

Strong winds last evening took the tarp off of George the Condo, aargh. We had her wrapped and strapped for what we knew was inevitable but clearly that wasn't enough, will have to get over there today and sort something out. Perhaps we shall have to invest in a proper cover for her, likely need it for when we're doing our 6 mos at home anyway... I'll look at the prices today.

Also today, I will be contacting the 2 places I have found for the roofing material. Naturally it would be sooo much easier to do this elsewhere especially given the winds (20-70 km/h next few days). Shipping costs are steep to our locale but I guess its all part of the fun, right?! We are hoping to be able to move George soon, hopefully within the next week but we have no control over that aspect. Just pray the guy doesn't back out on us for this space.

FedEx advises I shall receive my Sunbrella fabric by Friday April 21/17... but it shows nothing other than that a shipping label was created. Here's to Friday! Yay, something to do.

Onward and Upward, one bum wiggle at a time...

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