Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Off to the shops

Well, its Wednesday. Brad goes for his weekly massage today, not sure how he would manage without it and am somewhat concerned about how this will be impacted during #RVLife, careful planning I guess which is kinda my forte.

Since we are going to the local community today Brad suggested we go take a look at some trucks. Incredibly, he is considering trading in our 09 FJ Cruiser on a newer truck with some towing capacity. I think this is a great idea and one which I never thought he would consider given how much we love our FJ. I used to have a yellow 07 and it was incredibly hard to sell it but we just don't need 2 cars when we're both retired in the boonies.

A truck will allow us the capability to tow either a travel trailer or a 5th Wheel and gives us the flexibility to travel locally wherever we go without having to haul the entire rig (like George @ 32') with us.

We will also check into travel trailers and if there are any locally, 5th wheels today.

Tomorrow we are going to the big city for lunch, some friends of ours are coming back to close the sale of their home here. They managed to escape. Can't believe they left without me, but I'll take that up with them tomorrow ;) Just Kidding (sort of)

May 16, 2017
Damn it its cold

So tomorrow we will have a look around the city too. We will do A LOT of research on whatever we find and well before making any decisions of purchase. I am quite opposed to buying anything here, not just out of principle but also because we live on the ocean, the salt water tends to rust everything very quickly here. So unless its new, we will likely have to go somewhere else to get it again.

It felt last night like Brad might actually be coming around to the full-time concept. Today might be a different story, and he would never admit it anyway. If we go off in an RV whether full/part time, he will go kicking and screaming all the while loving every minute of it. Its just how we roll.

Perhaps 'coming around' is the wrong phrase, but certainly willing to consider at least for the short term and feel it out. Once our house sells we won't have to buy another somewhere else immediately, we could just RV until he feels the yearning for a home base and then buy a condo or something so he can have his home. Personally, I think a home base is overrated. Something akin to Walmart putting out Xmas stuff on November 1st.

As a gypsy, I love the idea of being able to move your home anytime. Annoying neighbours, travel bug, family function. RVing allows you such flexibility so why not?! I know its socially acceptable to graduate, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids. We have both done all that but after my stroke at 32 years of age, I guess my attitude has changed... or developed perhaps.

My brother was (is) angry that I am not a CEO of IBM or something, that I left the corporate world in search of something simpler. I just don't see the point of working my ass off just to pay taxes and die. Let's face it the Governments have been telling us for years to save in RRSP's and the like, let me ask you - why do you think that is? Because they intend to pay you your CPP (Canada Pension Plan) at the end of it?, or because they either don't have enough in the kitty or intend to 'use' (ie steal) it out from under you in the end?

I just want to enjoy life, isn't that the point? Or were we put here to fill the Corporate coffers?

Anyway, I'm ranting as I'm known to do on a few topics.

Good news is: We're going shopping!


  1. hahaha ;) Hopefully you won't be far behind us! Lunch was wonderful - good food and great company. So good to catch up! lw

    1. Love you guys, so glad we could spend time together. Nice to talk to others who 'get it' :) We both really enjoyed it and in fact it really turned a bad day into a fantastic one, so thanks for that. Next time we'll come to you.


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