Saturday, 6 May 2017

Progress, finally!

We brought the rig up to the neighbours place today so we could plug in a grinder and remove the ceased bolts that were holding the guest chair hostage.  Once the chair and the sofa were out we quickly set to work getting as much of the carpet out as possible.

As of now the sofa, chair, tv, mattress, blinds, carpet and curtain rods are out. While we got most of the carpet out there is still carpet in the cab and bathroom that needs to be dealt with but I'm pretty pleased with the progress we made today.

I'm not so pleased with the state of the place though. Looks like the kitchen will need to be removed. Too tired to think it through at the moment but it seems that the leak runs at least half the length of the RV. Right back to the bathroom at the other end of the kitchen. Won't know for sure until we get the bathroom carpet out which will be awhile yet.

Oh, and I told you I was cute!

I am working for the next 2 days and then we move her inside and deal with the roof. That should be fun. Not.


  1. That's so much work. I admire anyone that will take on a project. We have discussed getting a fixer upper in the future!! Good luck with the roof!! +

    1. Thanks for commenting Jessica. We are probably a whole lot of crazy but hopefully it will be fun and we'll have a rig we want instead of what someone else thinks we want. Stay tuned we put her in the truck bay today. - Katie


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