Friday, 5 May 2017

Ready, Set...

I managed to get all the staples out of all of the remaining valances and have cleaned them but before I can rewrap them I have to take them to a neighbours and get the swoopy middle part shaved off on his table saw. Having valances is one thing but with a loop-de-loop in the middle? NO.

I have hauled all the doors/drawers from the RV to our wood shed and spent today removing the remaining hardware. I scrubbed them down with bleach to kill any mold/mildew caused by the leak. Then sprayed them down with TSP and dried them off.

Tomorrow we plan to remove the chair and couch from the RV because there is a big truck coming through next weekend and I'd love for them to take it out of here so we don't have to trip over them for the next couple of months.

We have finally heard from Mr. with the truck bay and we can load George in there on Tuesday. Also, the EPDM roof is due to be delivered on Tuesday.

Our 3 fantastic fans arrived today so things are finally starting to move and we have so much to do that I can't hardly wrap my blondeness around it. We are quite excited to be able to finally get at it and make some things happen around here. Even Brad.

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