Sunday, 14 May 2017

RIP George

Well I went to work today and Brad went to frame up the roof on George. So far so good.

When Brad came to pick me up he suggested that we call it and pull the plug. Apparently while he was up there today he was able to look into the walls of George and discovered that they were saturated also at least the top foot or so almost all the way around.

We could go to a lot of work and expense to sort this out but the walls are not something we think we can reasonably do ourselves and even if we did well who knows how much longer the chassis will last, etc.

We discussed it and have decided that before we go any further we should just end it. Learn from this and move on. I will make enquiries tomorrow into whether we can return the 35' of  EPDM and assorted paraphernalia, if not I should be able to sell it on Ebay, Craigslist or Kijiji (Canadian site). I know we can return the lumber to the local place so we can at least minimize our losses that way.

We will be looking for a 'decent' rig, and although Brad was adamant about the Class C or Class A he is now willing to consider a trailer. Something that we can tow with our FJ Cruiser would be great though I can't help but think of Jazz, The Freedom Theory's current rig that they will be selling very soon since they fell in love with another and have purchased it already. Unlikely, but possible.

We are both feeling very disappointed but rather than push forward it seems only sensible to stop now before we get ridiculously deep financially into this. It is tempting to just push forward and I think to some degree we were both doing just that the last few days. Each one not wanting to disappoint the other but thankfully we are able to talk these things through and now here we are.

Not quite sure what we will do with her, there is a fellow down the road that collects old junker cars, so Brad will see if it can go there. Otherwise there is a place down the highway were people park what looks like junker RV's but could just be a spot on the side of the highway where people go to camp. No telling around here.

Anyway, I'm working tomorrow and then we will make some further decisions in regard to all this.

Until then, bear with us and if you hear of any good RV's in the 26-30 ft range with an island bed, please let us know.

I had a quick conversation with RVJedeye (who is also doing a reno) the other day when he said we were brave for taking this on and I pointed out to him that there is a fine line between brave and crazy and I feel like today we landed on the brave side.

When I think about our initial concept of changing the fabrics and doing a bit of painting, then suddenly the roof needed repair, after that the entire roof had to be replaced and now the walls are hooped too. Frustrating as it is I think we are making the right decision here in calling it now. Knowing your limitations is the most important thing in life, RV or otherwise.


  1. I'm so sorry this didn't work out for you. You were so excited for this project. The seller was not honest! You should drive it to his driveway and leave it there. Let him dispose of it. You made the right decision.

    1. Thanks Flowergirl, I wasn't sure if it was a dream when I woke up but I had these comments and some emails of condolence so I guess it is real. Sucks but its better to deal with this now than later, and hey, we'll get a newer, nicer rig because of it so it will be fine in the end.

  2. I am sorry to read this post and to learn things didn't work out with George. I know how much you were both looking forward to this and how much work you've gone to, even in getting it.


    1. Thanks lw, I got your email and will reply that way. Perhaps we can meet up for dinner or something while your in the vicinity.


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