Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Roof Reno Day 1

I will be noting each day what we did and how long we spent at it for anyone who is doing this in the future, so they have a realistic idea of how long they will need to do this job. From our research we anticipate it will take between 10 - 14 days.

Day 1 = 7 Hours

So we arrived at the shop this morning at 8am, by 3pm we had:
Removed the awning
Removed all the goop from all the accessories on the roof
Removed the accessories
Removed the old EPDM.

I checked the UPS website this morning because I went to bed at 11:30pm last night and still the roof hadn't been delivered. Apparently it was loaded on today's truck. Well I had told Mr truck bay we would meet him at the shop at 8am, so I stuck a note on the front door to UPS to let them know where to find us and off we went.

By 1:30pm today with still no roof delivered, Brad suggested I go to Day 'n Ross who we correctly supposed were the local delivery guys dealing with the order.

When I got there,  I was advised that they only deliver to our town on Mondays. Seriously. Mondays. So I waited around all day Tuesday for nothing and not only because they didn't show up but they don't even deliver on Tuesdays. Most telling is that UPS corporate that I was, frankly - bitching at last night didn't even know that. But, the local guy I was speaking to today was very helpful and we dug around the pile for delivery to our area and low and behold we found the 3 boxes designated for us. After paying the duty they helped me load it all up in our FJ and I was on my way.

Happy as a clam.

Enroute to Day 'n Ross, I dropped by the local hardware store to order 7 sheets of 4' x 8' x 3/8" to replace the roof which at this point we knew we needed, and that will be dropped at the shop tomorrow sometime.

So you can clearly see that all the boards need replacing. The board between the bathroom vent and the shower skylight no longer exists, it was so rotted that it was completely gone. I should also mention that someone along the way used caulking and not lap sealant around the roof accessories, need I say more?! (Caulking does not stick) There were parts which were very easy to remove because of this, and I think you can see what parts those were.

The good news is that we knew enough about this from research that we purchased enough EPDM to replace the entire roof and didn't just assume that it was only the front 4' section, which given the cost of the EPDM ($850 US/ $1100 CAD) we did actually discuss. Considering the EPDM took 3 weeks to arrive and the gong show we had the last couple of days with UPS, reordering would have been extremely problematic.

We had intended to do some work (new fabrics and paint), so when we discovered the leak issue we just tacked it on as a little bit of extra tinkering. When I went onto the roof and discovered soft spots at the front and a couple small ones at the back, we decided to recover the whole thing. Fortunately, thanks to all the fabulous people who put themselves and their lives out online for us to learn from we knew that this could turn into a thing and so prepared accordingly. 

Since we knew there would be at least some board that needed replacing, this disaster is not that big of a stretch for us. Obviously, we have some floor to replace and there will likely be wall issues too, but one step at a time.

When she is done we will know her inside and out and we can be comfortable that she is sound.

Had we not had the wisdom of other people's knowledge this would have been a massive WTF moment and we probably would have torched the damn thing. Anyone researching roof repairs should definitely do their homework and plan for the worst - that would be my advise. 

Undoubtedly, once we remove the plywood we will discover that some/all of the cross beams will also need to be replaced but I didn't order those today as they can be carried in our FJ Cruiser, unlike the 4x8 sheets. So we'll see tomorrow what we have under there and go from that.

Also, Brad wants to order a new shower skylight because this one is so gross and old and has a small crack in the rim so I will be looking into that this evening. We were careful nonetheless not to damage this one just in case.

Onward and Upward.

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