Saturday, 13 May 2017

Roof Reno Day 4

Day 4 = 6.5 hours

Well the day started out smoothly but it quickly became clear that there would be no saving the ceiling.
Removing the top edge 

But then we got to the bedroom behind the shower

Front of bedroom

So as it was obvious that we couldn't save the inside ceiling... we took the lot off.

Sky view towards the rear

Sky view towards the front

I managed to get a fair number of pictures today but no hazmat suit since I spent most of the day running from one store to another getting supplies since tomorrow is Sunday and nothing around here is open on a Sunday.

It was by far faster if not easier to remove the lot and replace it than it was for me yesterday trying to save the inside ceiling boards, good call Brad.  I have such a good husband, I think I'll keep him. Although I must say, this was all his idea... ;) ( ha ha)

I think the pictures speak volumes of what we managed to do today.

I'm at work tomorrow so he will be at it all by himself, I have given him strict instruction of what needs to be done so I hope he doesn't mess it up without me there to nag, I mean advise. LOL

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