Thursday, 11 May 2017

Roof Reno Day 2

Day 2 = 6.5 Hours

We got a late start this morning because we were both so tired from yesterday, but eventually we got ourselves motivated, beautified and out the door for our second day working on the roof.

Today we managed to:
Remove the roof trims
Remove the 'wood' from the roof
Remove the worst portions of moldy insulation
Remove brass shower door and frame, towel racks and holder from the bathroom
Decide that we will not be replacing the shower skylight.
Remove the antennae from the roof.

If anyone knows of any reason we should replace the skylight in the shower by all means let us know. At this time, we have decided to close that part of the roof up since the damage there will require so much rebuild anyway it makes more sense to limit the amount of stuff on the roof. We are putting in a Fantastic Fan in the bathroom so we will still have daylight there.

Does the TV Antenna need to go back up ? I don't think so, if we sit back to relax we will likely be online... thoughts anyone? We also don't think we will need the radio antenna since we have Sirius and so we have decided not to replace the Antenna (there are 2) above the cab. Not completely sure why there were 2 antenna above the cab, anyone have ideas?

Mr Honest New Brunswick are you reading this? If you know, email me.

Speaking of Mr Former Owner, if you are reading this and you spent any serious amount of time in this rig you might want to go to a Doctor. The mold in this thing is phenomenal. The entire drivers side right back to the bathroom is shot roof, walls, floors. This leak has clearly been an issue for many years. Perhaps even before you bought it.

The roof trims look easy on the videos but naturally with so much water damage up there the screws were so rusted that we couldn't get them out, however because the wood was so rotted in several sections we were able to just pry them off with the trims and I was able to remove the screws once the trims were on the ground..

The last bit of trims coming off

The 'wood' they used on this roof was 1/8". We are replacing it with 3/8" and likely 2" dense foam insulation R10 ($550CAD) which is what is in it currently. Consideration was given to using Pink R6 ($107 CAD) due to the huge difference in price but I think for stability on the roof it seems best to stick with the dense foam,

I know it will make a huge difference psychologically for me going up there. I don't like ladders at the best of times. Once I'm up there, unless the roof is mushy I'm fine. It's the getting up and down of it that freaks me out, but knowing what the ladder is attached to and that it is solid will help me with that.

The top piece is the old roof and underneath it is the new. Which would you walk on?

Old roofing material

The lower right is above the kitchen cupboards that mickey mouse looking thing is a whole right through

View from the top

Above the driver's seat

It was a hard day today so we went for Chinese after and it was really nice to sit and relax. Tomorrow Brad has an appointment in the afternoon so we're not quite sure how we are going to deal with that. Likely he will drop me off at the rig and come back after but that has yet to be decide. We need to pick up  or order replacement insulation and some 1" x 2"s also.

Hopefully by the end of tomorrow we will begin putting the roof back together. Having so much trouble walking at the moment from two days on the ladders that we just hope to be able to walk tomorrow. You know your old/out of shape when...

The Best News from today is that Brad has finally agreed that we should put the house on the market and get out of here!! THIS was a HUGE happy dance moment for me. Not sure if I mentioned it in a previous post but Brad spoke to a realtor earlier this week about it but wasn't sure at that time whether to sell or not. Now he knows :) But, rig first then we have a couple of things we want to do around the house. Hopefully it will sell quickly.

Oceanfront, literally built on the edge of a 15' cliff. Cross your fingers.


  1. Wow, cannot imagine doing such a huge project!!

    1. All in a day's work ;) Or in this case, several days work :)


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