Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Updated: Today WAS the day, maybe tomorrow?

So as I said in previous posts, the roof parts were due to be delivered today. They attempted to deliver yesterday but as we weren't expecting them... we missed them. They kindly left a note that they would be back the next business day. Thats today...

We had arranged with Mr. truck bay to bring the rig up today but I called him to say we would wait on the roof so we could have the delivery guys load it into the rig and we could drive it all up.  We set about waiting for delivery.

The rig is parked outside my office window awaiting its new roof bits and Brad had an appointment in town mid afternoon that we hoped we could do all in one trip. I didn't take anything out for supper because we would be close to town anyway... they weren't here when Brad had to leave for his appointment so we arranged to meet up at the truck bay.

Well Brad has been home for awhile now, its 5:30pm and still no roof bits. Brad called UPS because we were told they don't deliver after 5pm, turns out they have until 7pm!

What a wasted day. If they had said late afternoon/early evening or even afternoon, I could have at least primed the cupboard doors that are ready and waiting. But instead I sat here all day researching online and watching YouTube videos to refresh on how to do this roof replacement, which will probably be handy, but still....

I telephoned Mr. truck bay and we have arranged to meet at the bay at 8am tomorrow morning, I will confirm with him later today to ensure that the stuff actually arrives.

A whole day sat doing essentially nothing. So frustrated. And hangry! (angry from hunger)

Updated Editors Note: Its now 8:30pm and still no delivery.

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