Thursday, 18 May 2017

We made a decision

We have been shopping in Town yesterday and today in the City and we have agreed to find a Class C or a Class A 26' - 30' in length. 32' at the outside. We will also be looking for a dolly so we can haul our FJ Cruiser with us.

We wandered through a ton of Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels but they just didn't feel as solid for obvious reasons and we just like the Motorhomes better. There are not a lot of Motorhomes for sale in our area and we are into the 'season' now after wasting so much time on George.

I checked to see if there were any RV shows coming up in North America - anywhere and it seems they all end before April. Just my luck. If anyone out there knows of one, PLEASE let us know.

In the meantime and in between time, we have a house to prep for the market. Please God let it sell quickly.... we have given ourselves 2 weeks to get it ready, which should be plenty and the ocean and hills are beautiful in June (not so much May, actually we are expecting SNOW on Sunday we were told by the supermarket cashier).

I will be doing a refresher search on gas mileage for C's and A's and see if I can narrow the field down a little.

Regardless of the Class, we must have:

  • Arctic Package
    •   - Double glazed windows
    •   - Heated bays

  • Night stands
  • Queen island bed
  • Reasonable bedroom storage
  • Minimum 2-way appliance
    •  - Preferably convection oven not microwave (but not mandatory)
  • NO LEAKS (or leak repairs)
  • 2005+
  • Black tank wash
  • Separate fresh water from black/grey bay
  • Electric in the vent fans (not necessarily electric fans, just available electric for Fantastic fans)
  • Kitchen storage
  • Reasonable counter space ( ie. at least some)
  • Cab cup holders (this is a deal breaker)
  • Separate house/engine battery compartments
  • Desk or somewhere to put one ( ie. removable chair)

There might be more, but right now that's all I can remember off the top of my head.

Its progress, slow and steady wins the race.

Oh, and I just noticed that I have reached 10,000 pageviews. Thank you. 💐


  1. We have had a travel trailer, a fifth wheel, 4 Class C's and 2 Class A Motorhomes in 10 years. It is the Class A Motorhome that works best for us. Big windshield big view and because one sits much higher up one has a far better commanding view down the road ahead and that is a big plus in my books. Same height as truck drivers and that height is a big advantage. Lots of storage space. Our first Class A was 33 feet and we traveled in that one for 6 years and it's surprising the small spaces we could get into with that. Our current Motorhome is 37' and we've just about had it anywhere and everywhere our 33 footer could go. Gas Mileage is about the same and we sure do enjoy the extra space. Our coach was built in Winkler Manitoba by the Mennonite folks and is well put together. With a Class A you drive on much bigger tires and I personally feel a whole lot safer doing that. Our tires are 22.5 inch and that makes for a smoother ride. Both our Class A's had and have the big Chevy Workhorse 8.1 Vortec engine which is way more powerful than Ford's Triton V-10. Had a Ford V-10 in our last Winnebago Class C and didn't like it. Don't let a longer than 30' coach scare you. Class A's are easy to drive regardless how long they are and you might really appreciate those few extra feet of interior space for sure. Going too small you may grow out of it but going bigger you will easily grow into it:))

    1. Thank you for your insight Al, I have heard of the Triple EEE obviously and I thought they were crazy expensive but just had a quick look and that could be doable. I will send a couple of links to His Lordship and see what he thinks. They sure are pretty and big. Appreciate your input.


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