Tuesday, 16 May 2017

We sold George

I know its hard to even fathom, but yes, we sold our RV which didn't have a roof!

My happy face

After realizing that the required repairs for this rig were above our pay grade, we decided to pull the plug and take the financial hit. And we still are to some degree, but...

We found out last night that they would allow us to return the EPDM and accessories, which was a huge relief (we still have to pay the return shipping). This was a large chunk of $ change.

This morning we planned to take the old roof to the dump as we had promised Mr truck bay he could have his bay back as soon as possible, then return all of the supplies we had purchased locally (wood, panels, etc..) and attempt to find somewhere legal to park this beast so it could rot away peacefully.

Going to the dump

When we arrived at the truck bay this morning Mr truck bay was there and upon realizing we didn't know what to do with the damn thing, he said "let me phone my buddy". Well, turns out that buddy was just looking through the papers this morning for an RV... and he's going to fix it - apparently.

I was quite happy to just give it to him just so we didn't have the hassle of disposing of it, but instead he insisted on giving us something and we agreed on $1000. Keep in mind that she has no roof and the insides of her are ripped out, quite the coup if you ask me.

Now we paid $10,500 for her but at least now its not our headache and that was the point. All of our repair supplies have been returned to the local shops, the EPDM is on UPS, and Camperworld is sending me return shipping something or other so the Fantastic Fans can be shipped back.

Considering we were into her around $16,000 with shipping and duty, and we managed to regain $7,000 of that I am happy!

🙇(happy dance)🙇

Its still a blow for sure but a softer one than we anticipated this morning.

Now let's start shopping for another...  🎵 I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning 🎵

PS. We bought Mr truck bay a bottle (milk, of course) for doing us 2 solids back to back. (Allowing us the bay, and finding a buyer.)


  1. Still following this "long strange journey".....we have made a few mistakes of dousey proportions so know pretty well how you are feeling. Kelly

    1. Thanks Kelly, Nice to know we're not the only ones. However, we knew better and just got caught up in the excitement of it I think. Thats the part that drives me nuts. Lesson learned, we hope. :)

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