Thursday, 15 June 2017

We changed our minds

So as anyone who knows us knows:
We change our minds a lot.

We had such a phenomenal time in Nova Scotia that we had set our minds that that would be where we would go when (if) the house sells. However, .....

Upon consideration of taxes, both provincial and income, and the availability of services not the least of which for us is Customer service, we are back to our original thought of buying in Alberta. We seem to go back and forth on this a lot. At the end of the day though, while Nova Scotia is nice (Annapolis Valley) and we both really enjoyed it there, we know for a fact that we love Alberta (Canmore).

Though Canmore Real Estate is FAR more expensive to purchase than Nova Scotia, the tax incentives and access to services is one of those invaluable assets. Now to be fair, I do not know the ratio of Doctors to Patients, etc in Nova Scotia, I do know that Canmore has the highest Dr/Patient ratio in the Country. Not that we need them yet, but we're not 20 anymore as the saying goes. We have every intention that this next move will be the last and so we are taking all things into consideration in a hope to get it right this time. Canmore is beautiful all year round with plenty of things to see and do. Trails to hike, lakes to fish, not to mention shopping, and it is much closer to most of our relatives.

Nova Scotia has beautiful scenic areas, friendly people and Real Estate is what is now considered reasonable. Access to services are available though some things you may have to drive a ways for (Halifax is about an hour away). It is an up and coming community and now would be the time to get in there so to speak. Winters in Nova Scotia can be quite harsh but the summers have sun, flowers and friends. It would be a new area to learn and there is obviously a lot we don't know about it yet. That could go either way.

We spent 3 years in Canmore, AB before moving to our current locale and we both loved it but we were working in the service industry in a town created on the premise of selling to the International Elite market. Now trust me when I tell you that if you expect me to 'talk to the butler' you can kiss my a**. I WILL NOT use the back door, and if you think your so damn good that you can't speak to me in person - do it your bloody self!

However, now that we are retired... Canmore is very enticing.

Keep in mind that we just flew to Alberta, bought an RV and have driven it across the Country back to our 'home'. This was not a cheap RV and the Dealership naturally had to include the PST in the bill (Alberta does not have PST). They have mailed a cheque made out to our local registry for the amount of the PST so that we can pay the allotment when we register her.

Here's the rub: If we are moving to Alberta, why the hell would we pay $1000's to the local registry when it would not be required if we waited and registered in AB. The bonus?: Because it is currently registered in AB, we also would not have to get a safety done.

Canmore, AB

Will the house sell in the middle of nowhere in a reasonable time to allow us this option? Not likely, but possible. IF the house does not sell, we will have to register it here in order to take our winter escape in January.

Either way, we will be out of here in January, sooner if the house sells. We intend to have it on the market next week.

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