Friday, 21 July 2017

We attempted a trip and lessons learned

Mostly out of boredom but also because everyone recommends taking a test trip, we did just that. Packed up the rig, booked time off from work and off we went Thursday for a 10 day mini holiday....

The Campground we chose (10 hours from home) had provided us with bad directions and we ended up forced to drive our 12' rig through a 10' forest. There was nowhere to turn and we couldn't back up as it was near dark when we arrived (there wasn't any staff to direct us) . So Brad said 'to hell with it' and we drove through the damn thing.

Lesson #1: Don't pull into a Campground at/after dusk.
Lesson #2: Don't pull into a Campground at/after dusk.

The next morning, first thing, Brad checked the roof. There were a few cracks varying between 6 and 12 inches in the TPO roof. The closest RV supplier was a 3 hour drive away in the direction we had just come so off we went. Having purchased the Eternabond and some lap sealant we returned to our campsite - long day and not how we envisioned spending our first day out.

Having cleaned the roof Brad realized there was only 1 crack about an inch long which was quite a relief to us but meanwhile we have plenty of extra Eternabond should we need it again. Shout out to our RV Salesman Blair who told me that TPO was better than EPDM and in this instance, I believe him to be correct, because TPO has a hard outer shell the branches just dragged across it instead of digging in as I think would have happened with the EPDM I was so insistent upon at the time.

Saturday we drove around the area and there was not much to be found. With feelings of great disappointment and with our Campground being just a gravel parking lot we decided to come home after just 2 nights. We will stay home now until we go. We can always fish off the lower deck.

Our house, as you may know, is finally on the market. Unfortunately the MLS listing is terrible, very few of what we consider 'selling' pictures showing the double-sided rock fireplace, view of the main floor, etc... just a lot of duplicates of the 2 offices and the staircase, even the dot on the map is in the wrong location. I emailed the realtor to have this fixed and received an email last week that she would address it that day, but nothing yet and she hasn't returned Brad's call from 3 days ago.

I discovered Property Guys and wanted to switch to them but having re-read the contract with our current Realtor there is no way for us to cancel her contract as it is 'irrevocable'. However if the contract were to be terminated there is a 120 day after termination clause... seriously!?! We'll try to dig into this issue.

The good news about our trip is that Robbie (the dog) found his place in the rig.


  1. I feel your pain with the realtor. Our first agent was a total waste of time. Her photos were horrible, (I had to show her how to unlock her SD card so she could use her camera) she couldn't update her own web listings (she had to wait until the other girl in the office had time to do it), she seemed to think an open house was all the work she had to do (we lived on a dead end street = no drive by traffic), but the kicker was when she told us that including the first winter's heat in the sale (we had wood heat) "wasn't really much of a bonus" to potential buyers. Two showings in a 4 month term, and surprisingly, we decided not to renew the listing with her.
    Our next agent (web savvy, market knowledgeable and actually had a light behind his eyes) sold our home in 3 days. Hang in there. It will get better.
    We're just about to get on the road full time ourselves. Hope to meet up with you out there. Til then, keep your chin up and safe travels. -Kelley & Mike ♥

    1. Yes, that sounds very much like where we're at with this Realtor but to be fair they're all the same here. The MLS pictures have now been corrected but the dot is still in left field and she hasn't returned the call yet. I'm trying to get him to agree to go mid-September, wish me luck with that one. Definitely see you on the road :) -Katie

  2. We were in your position 5 years ago. Very stressful times but so worth it in the end. I thought I would miss my brand new house ... my stuff etc. but by 4 months out on our first trip I did not want the bricks and sticks life anymore. Smaller house, easier to keep clean, well maybe not with a dog like we do but sweeping takes 5 minutes instead of 1/2 hour of vacumming! lol Hopefully your house sells soon. Where are you located?

    1. I'm hoping we will feel the same. Our get-out date has moved up to Sept 16 ICYMI. Nothing happening with the house but we're going anyway. Driving across to Vernon. We're on the Atlantic.


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