Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Changed our minds 2

Okay so a couple of things...

I have spent today contacting Solar salespeople trying to get us sorted out for departure October 1st, booking the Dr for a pre-departure check-up, booking the dog in at the Vet, researching the best internet options while south and generally pulling my hair out.

THEN... himself decided to change our departure date.

We are now departing Sept 16th, 2017....

I swear you can't make this stuff up. Such is our life. We are incredibly lucky to have such a flexible schedule at our age and we know and are grateful for same.

For anyone who read my blogpost yesterday.... I made at least one significant error on the wattage calculation (decimal too far right) and today calculate our needs at 4 - 100w Mono panels (minimum) though we will likely get at least 120w Mono panels and actually I am awaiting a quote currently on 265w Poly panels... (I had originally wanted Mono panels - and might still).

Still unsure if we will get the solar in Canada or in the USA but will update as things become clearer. Given that I just lost 2 weeks in my get-out-of-dodge timeline, I will really need to buckle down and get some things organized around here. Start loading the rig with fishing gear and life jackets, dog toys and coffee (you'll find out if we meet on the road), not to mention sort through the clothing and figure out what to take and what to leave behind. We also have to make a plan for mail, and figure out what to do with our 'prized' possessions. We have some delicates that we don't won't broken on the road and I personally don't want to leave them unattended either.

Health coverage needs to be arranged, we want to join FMCA and our Credit Card will expire before we expect to return so I have to contact them also. Lots of little details - you know those ones that testosterone blocks from some thought processes. Girls: you know what I mean. Guys: look an obvious distraction...🙋

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