Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Dentists. One Evil, One Good

Went to a Dentist yesterday because I had an infection in my gums, turns out my last dentist pulled 2 teeth quite possibly without need and it caused an issue with another which then became infected and required being pulled also. So I am now missing 3 teeth on one side of my mouth. Really not good! So angry.

The good dentist explained that I could have an implant put in for a measly $4000, I didn't have the heart to tell her I already knew it was $200 in Mexico... I looked it up after seeing it on Carolyn's RV Life shortly after the evil dentist took 2 of my teeth.

Upon returning to my Brother's I went to lay down and rest only to discover that our furnace was not operating. Wanting to have it sorted before it got too cold, the nap was forsaken and the tools pulled out. Apparently this particular model of furnace has a history of stopping when it gets wet, perhaps they all do, I've no idea. After a lot a Googling and trying simple solutions we pulled out the hair dryer and set about drying things out in hopes that that would resolve the problem. Still nothing, but now it was dark out so we left it for the morning. Then suddenly about 30 min later while sitting at the table the furnace kicked in for longer and longer periods until finally it was going as per usual.

This morning we woke up to a lot of humidity on the windows and will now be going hunting for a dehumidifier today. We also need to do a dump run because everything is full, why oh why didn't we think to do that 2 days ago when we had the RV taken down and on the road... newbie mistake.

Today we have an easy day, just the dump run, humidifier and supper out with Brad's Mum.

RV Life so far seems great, though we are visiting family at the moment and have a house right beside us so not sure we are getting an accurate feel for it. After we leave here on Sunday, we will have the Solar installed by Tuesday then the real journey will begin I suppose. Sure wish it was even a month earlier in the year as I've read on other Blogs that snow is expected/occuring in the Calgary area which we need to drive through to get to Brad's Brother before heading further West or South or both.


  1. Have been to Algodones Mexico a few times for dentures and eye glasses. It would be a good idea to be able to tilt your solar panels in the winter, makes a huge difference.

    1. Thanks for that guys, we'll keep that in mind when they put it on next week.

  2. So sorry about your dental issues--no fun whatsoever! :( Take care!

  3. By far the best dentist I've been too. All the staff is beyond helpful and friendly, they make you feel like extended family.Brentwood Village Dentist

    1. Well James, if I run into issues in Calgary I will definitely look them up. Thanks


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