Saturday, 9 September 2017

Dryden Walmart

After spending the night at a truck stop in Wawa, we were only going to drive 4 hours to our next stop but once we got there.... it was only 2pm so we decided to keep going... and ended up driving to Dryden, Ontario which was a 10 hour day! Far longer than we had planned and we kept stopping at 'the next stop' but whatever overtook us just kept us going.

I promised Brad that I would mention on this blog that in Wawa we discovered that I (someone, but I'll take it) locked the bathroom door - on the way out! Had to break the damn thing off since the little hole button thingy wasn't working...

So here I sit having showered and beautified (I don't wake up this good looking, ya know?!) at the Walmart in Dryden. Let me tell you if you don't already know - You haven't lived until you've showered in a Walmart parking lot! LOL

I will be going in to the Walmart for a cutting knife and a hair dryer. I know, of all the things to forget - my hairdryer! Good news is there is a Tim Hortons across the road - Bonus.

We have an RV Park booked for tonight and tomorrow in Manitoba.

We won't normally be travelling this fast but we are trying to get to Saskatchewan where we will visit with family and then on to British Columbia to see Brad's brother who is ill.


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    1. We're waiting until Sask as we have a better idea of where to go there.

  2. Oh dear ... Our funniest thing re bathrooms is that the hook that holds the shower door closed while travelling somehow closed after Ray got into the shower ... Fortunately I heard him yelling at me in the forward cabin to "let me out"! Now we know to make sure it is completely open before climbing in! lol


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