Tuesday, 19 September 2017

I forgot the tires

Yesterday was quite a kerfuffle. There was a life snafu at my brother's and on top of that the water pump went (acerage, remember). So I was to watch my nephew who had woken up sick on what was to be his first full day at school. Fortunately, his other Auntie had the day off and came out to look after him.

Then we found out Fountain Tire had a spot to fit us in but only as long as we could 'take down' the rig and get it to the city within the hour...

Take it down we did and arrived just as that hour was ending. Suffice to say, I didn't give any thought to getting a picture of the old tires. Damn. Anyway, we have shiny new tires on the front of her now. Originally, I had wanted to replace them all at the same time but when we checked the rears they were still plenty good so we just did the fronts. Its pouring rain outside so I don't have a picture of that either. You'll just have to trust me. :)

Fountain Tire gave us excellent service and I couldn't praise them enough, it wasn't cheap mind you but we knew that before even calling around for a shop. They even left a little card in the cab when they were done to remind us to re-torque in 100km which I thought was a nice touch.

While the tires were being done, Brad went for his weekly massage (military injuries) and I went to Sherwood RV to check the price on LED bulbs to replace the GR921s we have inside the rig that make the lights crazy hot. They had them - 6 of them for $60! Fortunately I had already checked Amazon and so I just ordered them from Amazon on my iPhone - 20 for $60, they are due to arrive tomorrow. After picking Brad up, we went back to Fountain Tire and waited while Jordan did the wheel alignment then it was off to Brad's Mum's for supper. Its was getting dark when we left.

We didn't have time to get any tidbits done while we were there and as it was we had to set the rig back in its spot in complete darkness. I backed my brother's truck (that we have been driving since we don't have a toad (I tried to tell Brad we'd need a toad...) ) so that the headlights light up the corner of the house as we are parked precariously close to it. Brad managed to get the RV in without any trouble.

Incidentally, when I was searching for quotes for the Solar I sent a request for quote to Sherwood RV and they still to this day have never responded. I had even called them on the landline and after being transferred 3 times and listening to elevator music for 15 minutes the line just went dead. I was so angry about it I even sent them an email about that and never heard anything from them. The only reason I stopped there for the lights was they were the only RV place in that part of town.

Today I have a dentist appointment and Brad has Eyes and Hair appointments.


  1. If you're heading west through Calgary, check out these guys for solar. I installed one of their kits 4 years ago and haven't had a single problem with the system.

  2. Nice that you are taking care of your tires and are now heading out on a nice journey enjoy the lifestyle, we have been enjoying this full-time adventure for over 11 years now and love it.
    For solar you might want to check out Brian, he is very good and reasonable https://gotsolarinstalled.blogspot.ca

    1. Thanks, not sure how I missed his blog in all my research but we are booked in at Red Deer Monday. PS I added YOU to my Canadian Blog list. See you on the road.

    2. The southwest is our destination every winter. We have been most other places.
      You might want to check out this Blog as well http://patsyischillin.blogspot.ca

  3. Sorry to hear about your teeth. I worked with 3 oral surgeons in Nanaimo and we had a few patients that came back from Mexico with problems with their implants .... they use a different "system" down there and the dentists here do not have the same tools to fix any problems ... kinda like metric versus standard for threads etc. If you get work down there be prepared to go back if you have any issues. Otherwise just like anywhere else there are good dentists and bad ones.

    1. Very interesting point to consider, thanks for that as we had no idea. Will definitely keep that in mind when deciding what to do about it.


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