Friday, 22 September 2017

New Heater Update

We awoke this morning to nothing on the windows. YAY!! We left the curtains open last night except for the kitchen blind and even the kitchen window is clear so tonight we will try closing the curtains around the rig and see how that goes. Likely we will put something on the dash to keep some warmth flowing up in there.

We have only today and tomorrow here before moving on to our Solar install and there is still so much to do. Today Brad will finish up at his Mum's and I will be looking at her computer stuff for her while I get some laundry done.  My brother arrived home late last night and may need to get his own laundry done before heading off to work again, I don't know how long he is home for as I haven't spoken to him yet, so I'll get it done while we're out.

As nice as its been to see the family and have the familiarity of Saskatoon, we are excited to be heading off on what is really the beginning of our adventure. After all this, I sure hope we enjoy it.

I have to admit, I am a bit concerned about the enjoyment level without a toad to get around but we'll figure it out. Between bikes, bus, trains and feet I'm sure we'll manage.


  1. Good luck without a towed, we would be lots without ours, especially with the remote places we stay.


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