Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Solar Problems - Already!

Woody's RV in Red Deer advised us that the RV would be ready by end of day yesterday, so we packed up and left our hotel room. We paid the bill and off we went happy as clams.

We decided to stay at the Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino for the night (Canmore proper is not overnight friendly) which would allow us to spend the entire day today in Canmore and eat some Rocky Mountain Flatbread before leaving for our next stop.

When we arrived at the Casino, I went about unpacking our things from the hotel excursion. Noticing our drinking water supply was low, I decided to reload the Berkey and get it dripping so I could refill our drinking water in the morning (personal preference, not really required).

Batteries at 100%. Turning on the water pump I noticed while filling the Berkey that the batteries had dropped into the 80% range, then suddenly it was at 9%. Holy Mother.... I turned the Inverter off, switching to the Converter and ran the Generator to top the batteries back up. No idea what the hell was going on I tried several different things even unplugging the TV and Microwave to ensure there was no significant 'ghost drain'.

The batteries have not passed 90% since. Clearly something is wrong... or am I just that blonde? I emailed a fellow blogger who I know also has solar to ask some questions but as I feared it was already too late in the day in Ontario... A Google search didn't really help me much either.

So we ran the Genny last night to ensure Brad's CPAP was working. After noticing in the Google search a link for 'Handy Bob' a lightbulb went off when I remembered Pippi Petterson talking about him. Why I didn't look him up before is beyond me...

Today we are going to Woody's RV in Calgary, hoping they can correct this issue. I'll keep you posted.

I will add the links to stuff later as we're in a hurry to get to the dealership this am.


  1. Good luck with getting your issues corrected, if done properly things should work real well.

    1. ... and therein lies the crux it would appear. Still working in it.

  2. make sure the fridge is on propane....Kelly

    1. Thanks Kelly, the fridge is definitely on propane. Good thought though that would have explained it for sure. We'll keep digging until it's resolved.

  3. Good luck, it is always a learning curve when you first start out and get the hang of your unit's quirkyness. Everyone of them is different.


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