Saturday, 30 September 2017

The Lower Mainland?

We spent last evening at Gallagher Lake Resort, it was a nice place, the wifi was excellent, property well kept and the staff very friendly. The lakefront is beautiful with a park bench to sit and enjoy some quiet time. 5 stars, but keep in mind we just started.

Deciding to take 'Bob' somewhere, we headed south and finally found this resort. This time of year we had our choice of spots. The boys were reminiscing and having 'life' conversations while I did some inside organizing (outside will be done after the inside). Finally managed to make room in the few kitchen cupboards we have for some food stuff.

While he was enjoying the time spent with us, it was clear that he would be more comfortable in his own familiar surroundings so this am we packed up the rig and brought him back to Vernon. Our plan at the moment is to stay here another day and head out on Monday am.

Brad read online that BC requires tire chains effective Sunday and as we have none we need to get to the other side of Hope, BC in short order. Not sure about this whole chain business, I mean I get the point and that but this entire concept is foreign to us, so... Lower Mainland here we come.

I found a place to stay south of Hope and also an RV park by the border which I would like to stay at for a few weeks. Not sure how this whole thing works in an RV, where can we go? What can we do? We don't want to head south too early... thoughts? suggestions?

Also, I woke up this am to find that someone had turned on the Inverter (likely bumped into it not realizing), and our brand new batteries were at 37%!! Holy Sheep S*#! When I finally sat down to my morning computer stuff, I had an email from Len who we met a few days ago and I emailed him to inquire if our batteries were hooped. Once Brad woke up I realized that the batteries were Deep Cycle and could withstand a rare screw up. Whew! Just as well because I haven't heard back from Len yet, I likely missed their morning computer ritual.

Anyway, we are back in Vernon now wondering where we should go from here...


  1. We're in Vernon tonight as well. Where are you?

  2. Good luck with deciding where to go, We have lots f options for us here, and the 17 more days across the border wandering about the states, searching for su shine and warmer weather.

    1. We don't want to head down too early and want to get through the mountains before the snow gets bad.


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