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Monday, 16 October 2017

I blame Vickie

Feeling a little out of sorts this morning...

Yesterday we went to Bruce & Vickie's rig for a visit late morning, had a great visit for a couple of hours which included their neighbour who's name I have forgotten but hopefully Vickie will put it in the comments below. We then rushed back to the RV to get some last minute errands done around here. Brad had to do something or other with the battery posts and I did laundry and general house cleaning so we'll be ready for the next adventure.

Just as we were finishing everything up Vickie messaged to see if we wanted a ride as they had invited us back for supper, Curry which we both love. A very nice supper although I was limited in what I could eat of it due to my IBS and Vickie didn't realize that I don't eat anything leafy, Period. No leaves of any sort. I don't usually get into what I can't eat, I'm more of an if I can't eat it I'll eat around it type which I find easier than boring people with my dietary issues.

So thank you for a lovely supper Vickie I did enjoy it and I honestly don't generally eat very much. Brad on the other hand had two helpings, it was really good. Vickie then proceeded to pour us drink after drink, we had a great night of laughter with good company. Most certainly we will be hooking up with these guys later on. Hilarious.

I am definitely a wee bit groggy this morning which is just great when you plan to cross the border. Keep you posted on how that goes.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Meeting new peeps

So yesterday I was on the phone dealing with Travel Insurance when a Jeep pulled up in front of our rig. Of course I couldn't say anything because I was on a call and a blonde walked up to our door. Brad was kerfuffled as to who this could be and went to the door, I managed to holler out 'Vickie' just as he was opening it.

I had mentioned to him that I was messaging back and forth with some people that RVillage advised were new to the neighbourhood earlier in the week, I think I mentioned it. Unfortunately, I hadn't had time to discuss with him that they had offered to pick us up for lunch and I had been waiting to talk to him before responding to their last email.

When I saw the Jeep pull up I thought 'I know they have a Jeep, but...', sure enough it was them. After a brief yada yada introduction and the like, off we went to Oliver for lunch at Aunt Ags Fish & Chip shop. What a great visit we had. Brad, as per, had us all in stitches with his quirky sense of humour. Its so nice when people 'get it', I'm always so concerned that they won't. These two did.

Vickie and Bruce

After lunch they took us to a grocery store in Oliver so I could get some bread and smokes (yes, we know). Then back here and we sat outside chatting and laughing for probably well over an hour before they had to go to let their dog out and we had to do the same.

Poor Robbie waited and waited for us but finally Brad took him out for quite a walk and Robbie was thoroughly exhausted when he got home, plopping himself down on the rug, he was out in no time.

I messaged them last night and we are likely going to go to their rig today, look forward to that. They are the second people we've met that have 'business cards', just like a business card but with their picture and all their contact info so that they can just swap cards with the people they meet. I had heard of this and even brought the printer so I could make some up but haven't been able to find the damn ink for the machine anywhere.

Brad really likes this card idea and said we should throw the damn printer out and just have some printed somewhere. Well, I'm all about losing rig weight, so... out it will go. Probably a good 20 lbs that thing, quite heavy.

The rest of today will be spent prepping for the border crossing tomorrow. Empty the fridge of fruit and veg, etc. I have all the documents I think we'll need ready just in case and the file handy if we should need more.

Worse case scenario, they don't let us in... oh well, we'll just stay in Osoyoos for the winter. Hardly a hardship.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

I know, I know...

So yesterday when I was taking Robbie for his morning walk, our neighbour asked if Brad would like to go with him to Oliver to check out a new race track that has been built - just for something to do. Well yes, of course he would. So I quickly made him a bacon sandwich while he was getting himself sorted and off he went for a Boy's Day Out.

Worked out perfect for me as it is easier for me to get things done around here when he's not here. He has difficulty doing some things because of his back/neck issues and I think it makes him feel awkward when I'm doing things that in his mind are 'guy' things. Out the door he goes with the neighbour and I promptly set about rinsing the black tank.

Drained the black tank, stuck the whirlybird stick down the hole, rinsed and flushed. Still gooped up so I did it again, still gooped up. Filled the tank to the top, let it sit for about an hour while I removed the inside door trim, wrapped some insulation stuff around the frame and replaced the trim. Then drained the tank again, stuck the whirly in it again and just kept repeating (probably 5 or 6 times) until only clear water came out. Bleached the whirly and put it out the window lowering it to the ground so I could walk around and sort it out. Broken. No idea how but it broke, at least I was finished and had cleaned it down so dealing with it was soooo much easier than it would have been had I not bleached it.

Back at the house we had had a couple of remote temperature watcher gizmos (I'm a gadget queen, remember) and I had one of them in a bay underneath. Realizing I should have put it in the water bay I moved it yesterday so that we have a gauge inside the rig to let us know what the temp is in the water bay itself. The bay is heated by a duct but I think its wise to keep an eye on it regardless.

I also managed to vacuum copious amounts of dog hair from the 3 floor mats, did a load of laundry and just a general cleaning up around the 'house' and because it appeared likely to rain I took Robbie for his afternoon walk a little earlier than usual.

Brad returned with tales of not only a racetrack but apparently they went off-roading in the back hills, something I would never have been able to do. I have an inner ear issue which sends me into a cat-on-the-ceiling fit if I tip or even perceive the possibility of it, so I am glad I chose to stay home and let him have a guys day out. He even took lots of pictures for this blog, what a guy! With all the stuff I was doing it never crossed my mind to take even one picture, I know, I know.....

New racetrack in Oliver, BC


Osoyoos from above

Wild horses

Snow in the hills

Osoyoos, BC

Spotted Lake

We went out for dinner as the meat I had out to thaw was not looking appetizing and had a lovely meal in a nice restaurant atmosphere, though the 'Potato Salad' had a twist -and parmesan, making it inedible for me. Without the parm I would have eaten it for sure, I did try but I just can't stand parmesan and couldn't get more than about 4 pieces in me. The ribs were phenomenal though.

There was a table beside us all decked out with roses because apparently there was going to be a marriage proposal last night, sure hope that went well. We were gone before the couple arrived, and no I didn't think to get a picture of that either, I know, I know.

This morning we awoke to notice that our batteries were at 90% and then dropped to 89%. I sent an email to an RVer friend who knows TONS about solar/battery stuff and am waiting for a reply (its still very early). The reason this is a concern is because we are plugged in. Nothing should be running on battery. So unless its due to the cold I have no clue why our batteries would have dropped overnight. The sun is coming out now and they are replenishing but this could be problematic if we were not plugged in and something unknown is draining our batteries. We still don't have a TM-2025 monitor but it is high on our list once we get across - even higher today.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Geocaching and Shopping

Well we finally did it. We found our first Geocache. On our walk to the RV place for vents yesterday we were walking right past it and so ducked in to the area where it is located and dug around in the bushes. Just a couple of minutes and Brad found it, a cute little camo box with lots of trinkets inside. I dropped a trinket in and grabbed a new one while Brad signed the book (it was his find after all). There was a trackable in the box but I wasn't sure what to do with it to be honest, so I left it. I have since looked into it and if I get the chance I'll go back to log it also.

Its in here somewhere

Quite a bit of fun I must say, you might think it wouldn't be such a big deal, but it actually is. We both felt pretty excited at having found it. The other day when we were walking down the beaches I checked the app and there were no others close by but today there is another down that way so we'll likely dig around for that one when we go for our walk later today. Not sure why it didn't show up a few days ago whether it was a glitch or someone just put it there, either way we'll be looking.

While at the RV place we also managed to find a stake for tying up the dog outside and a 45 degree elbow for the sewer hose. This thing has been a problem forever, in order to attach the hose we've been putting it through the door instead of up through the hole in the bottom because we couldn't get it to connect that way. I've picked up several 90 degree elbows but the connection is too close to the hole for them to attach. This 45 should make that problem obsolete. In fairness I have managed to get it to connect through the hole since we arrived at this campsite but its not easy and so I'm hoping the 45 will make life easier.

After our asian dinner the other night I ran over to Home Hardware for a length of garden hose which will have 2 purposes, the first to wash the RV outside and the second to put the spinny stick in the black tank and rinse it since we've been reading full for a couple of weeks now even though we are not. We bought the spinner ages ago but haven't had a hose to get the job done and we've been running around playing tourist instead of working on the 'house'. That stops today.

We are heading into our final weekend before going south and so we have a few things we want to get done.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Quick day trip to Penticton

We decided to go to Oliver yesterday because there is a Canadian Tire there and Brad wanted to see about some bikes. Packed up the rig and off we went. The scenery around here is much like you might expect Italy or Spain to look with all the vineyards in the valley. So beautiful. I can't get a grasp on taking pictures of it though, it seems I'm so in awe of it all that the camera never enters my mind. Peculiar how that works. I will do better.

We couldn't find anything at Canadian Tire (its just a small one) so we decided to try an RV Parts Department because Brad thought they would sell the bike hitches. Didn't make sense to me but what the hell we're out for the day so why not make a day of it. Off we went to an RV dealership in Penticton. They didn't carry any bike racks but could bring one in for us, no thanks we need this sooner than later so we headed back to Osoyoos deciding to wait until we cross to get bikes.

There is an Asian restaurant in town here that Brad has been wanting to eat at since we arrived. There is only one and it is quite run down, but... what the hell. Well let me tell you, if your ever in this area- Don't Do It! We love ethnic foods and this place was such a disappointment I can't even tell you in words. In my attempt not to be negative because I really hadn't wanted to eat there, I didn't say anything and I nibbled away at the 5 different dishes we ordered. But eventually, even Brad had to remark at how gross the food was and that was the end of that. Totally disgusting. We left it on the table, have never done that before. We always order several dishes so that we have leftovers for lunch the next day but this food was not coming home. Then later I read an online review that said the owner locked some Patrons in and pulled a baseball bat on them because they argued the bill. Glad we just paid and left, that's for sure but I did leave reviews on Yelp and Google.

Spent the evening watching The Deer Hunter on Netflix, which was really good. Today my plan is to -finally- get some Vent Insulator whatsits and find that Geocache spot on the way, we'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Meeting new friends in Osoyoos

Went for a walk yesterday, down the road along the many beaches. Found a nice little spot and sat for awhile dangling our feet and enjoying the view of America.

I checked the Geocaching App before we left that spot and there was a cache on our route home (or so we thought), we went looking for it. Unfortunately, we had already walked a couple of miles each way and the cache was on the other side of 'home' so we had to let it go but will likely go for it today as I want to walk down that direction for the vent insulators I mentioned the other day.

When we got back Brad went to take the garbage out while I made dinner, one of the neighbours was sitting outside and he learned that they are full-timers. After dinner I took the dog for his afternoon ritual and asked her if she would mind some company...

After several hours of learning and laughing we finally stumbled our way home. Really enjoyed ourselves visiting with them. They have a 40 odd footer Motorhome and gave us a tour, wowsers its one of those fancy schmancy ones - her husband clearly loves her ;) No pressure Bradley!

It was just so nice to sit in front of a (propane) fire and just chat with people about 'stuff', they gave us some input on border crossings and what to expect down south. Keep in mind Brad has never spent any significant time in the U.S. and I haven't been there for donkey's years.

I'm pretty sure Laurie got Brad's personality but not so sure Ron appreciated his sense of humour - at all but he also strikes me as the quiet type so its hard to know. Likely we will find out today. I wrote about this here. I've warned Brad he needs to let people get to know him before he carries on like that, but they were having a couple of drinks and I think he forgot.

Either way it was a good time - so if your reading this guys, thanks for a very enjoyable night.

Yesterday morning, I got an email from RVillage that there were new arrivals in the area. I sent them a message for a meetup and received a reply last night, perhaps we'll get together with them if we can get the timing right.

This meeting new people thing is great and we really enjoy it I must say. Though we do not particularly like crowds, small gatherings are great. Learning about and from others is fascinating and quite a change from our life experience of the last several years.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Another week in Osoyoos, BC

We are nestled into our new campground for the next week. Very nice place, concrete driveways with hedge dividers offering privacy, a picnic table and a bit of grass where we have set up our comfy chairs with our table set up as a coffee table (adjustable legs), even a view from this particular spot.

We were sitting outside soaking in some sun when this guy decided to 'take off' from the hill in front of us, pretty cool.

No idea what this thing is called, just a motorized parachute, I guess.

Before arriving here we drove into town to get some dog food, distilled water and bread. I also jumped out at the Home Hardware to grab 3 RV vent insulator thingys but they didn't have them. Sure that is where I saw them but I ran across the street to and they didn't have them either. Perhaps it was Lordco that I saw them, anyway we will have to keep an eye out for them as it is meant to be a low of +1C (33.8F) here Friday night.

I only purchased a small bag of dog food as we have heard we will not be able to take it across the border, so enough for a week was enough for now. We have an entire freezer full of self-portioned and Organic meat that we are trying to get through as we understand meat is an issue at the border. I also still have a large plastic container of rice that will be problematic.

I may enquire at the office if anyone on site may be in need of these items should we not get through it all, no point throwing it out if it could help someone, perhaps there is a food bank but I find it unlikely in an area like this. I need to do some research as I think I can cook the meat and it will be okay at the border but raw is not, anyone have knowledge of this?

Any dog owner knows what happens when fireworks go off, well we have a similar problem here in Osoyoos in that they shoot a cannon thing off every now and again to scare the birds off the vineyards but it also freaks Robbie out. He gets all skittish and weird, fortunately it seems only to be a morning thing. Brad seems to be relaxed though.

So far we are finding this campground to be much different than the other, people seem more friendly as I think most are at a minimum Snowbirding here if not permanent. Our particular spot is available should our plans get Trump'd and we have to stay the winter here. Not a bad spot to be sure... I read in an online review that the laundry is complimentary though I have yet to confirm that, but was advised by the office that the multiple bookshelves of movies are complimentary, just sign it out and back in. There is a little store (minimal supplies, but handy) in the office where I purchased a couple of cans of pop earlier today as I forgot to get any drinks when we were in town.

Until tomorrow my friends....

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Canadian Internet in the U.S

Thought I'd write about this as it has been an important topic for us and may well be for other Canadians as well.

We received a call this morning from Bell, they were calling to inquire if everything was okay with our service. I advised that it is BUT we needed a data plan we could take with us into the U.S, would there be anything they could do other than the 100mb for $5/day...

Turns out there is. We have now been switched to a Canada/US plan which allows us to take our current phones and data into the states with us. No hassle, no trouble. (at least that the theory, we'll see how it works). When we were researching the different companies - Verizon, AT&T, etc. they all have different coverage. We also looked into some mifi type units. Some work mostly in the Eastern U.S, most have spotty service in the Western U.S., but Bell's coverage map for the U.S. shows almost complete coverage.

My assumption here is that Bell has deals with all the American companies which affords us the most coverage. Fantastic! Sure, its not cheap but it is cheaper than the plan we are currently on which is only covering us for Canada. And did I mention its 20Gigs of data?!! We are on 25G at the moment so it will require some cutting back but it is minute relatively speaking.

Our cell phones will work there as they work here, though we will definitely have to cut down our data usage until we get a handle on it. Back at home we were using 58G/month so you can see there will be some trimming required. Before you all freak on me about our data usage, we are aware it is a lot.

Given we intend to boondock most of the time, our biggest concern now is for keeping everything electrified. Hopefully our solar will be the solution we hope it will be in that regard.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Good morning, we had a very quiet day yesterday, Brad wasn't feeling well so we stayed in the RV. Not that we could have walked far anyway with the wind we've been having here. We set the chairs up by the water but the wind was just too cold so that didn't last long.

Taking full advantage of campground wifi we spent the day watching Netflix and YouTube. Sorry to disappoint but it can't be rainbows and sugar plums all the time.

Apparently tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in Canada so Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian readers, actually I better say it to all readers since we barely know what day it is never mind that its an event day and the American one will likely come and go without our noticing, though I will try.

We have so much to be Thankful for I don't even know where to start... suffice to say that we were retired under 50, we have a brand new house (in the wrong place, but..) and we are now living in our RV touring the continent. Not much to complain about thats for sure.

We have 4 children between us and 3 Grandchildren who are happy and healthy, of course Robbie (our dog) who has such a loving personality, our parents are doing well  and of course we are grateful for all of our readers.

Yep, nothing to complain about here. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We hope you have a great day stuffing Turkey with your family/friends (most people will likely do that today not tomorrow being a Sunday) and remember to enjoy the scenery wherever you are.

No plans today but we hope to do something once beautified. Perhaps we'll go out for lunch somewhere... tomorrow is moving day. Interesting to see what if any difference there is in the campground and the people. We've noticed a trend between friendliness and license plates - seems odd I know but there is a particular license plate that for the most part, is not very friendly. Very strange, and telling.

Onwards and upwards my friends, onwards and upwards.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Moving the rig

Yesterday, Brad tells me he needs another gizmo from Lordco, he wanted to drive. The advantage to having such a small rig and hydraulic jacks is that its easy to put together and easy to take the 'stationary' apart. Which is great, we've been watching others coming and going from this campground and the setup/takedown takes quite a lot of time, except for the guy across from us - he did it in about 10 min., the rest take upwards of half an hour. We do it in about 3 or 4. The longest part being putting the blocks under the jacks and letting the rig set itself, after which one puts out the slide while the other does the connections, the Keurig comes out of the sink and we're done.

But I seem to feel unsettled when we do this, especially often. We are well aware that because we don't have a Toad, this will happen but I'd like to get to a spot, set up and walk/bike anywhere we need to go. This is what the plan was and it turns out I don't deal well with changing plans. Have to work on that in this lifestyle I know.

Off we went to Lordco, according to my iphone it is 3.4km each way. its a nice walk, the scenery is beautiful and if I had taken my phone I would have great pictures for you today, but I forgot it. Anyway, we stopped at Tim Hortons for a cup of coffee and proceeded to Lordco where we bought Brad's gizmo (I don't even remember what it was) and I got some tools and oil change gadgets. They were on sale and we will need them, so... (I am generally the fixer around here)

After arriving home, we discussed what to do about the timing of our jaunt south. When we checked in to this campground, I was advised that we could stay in this spot until Monday at which time we would have to move 'up' to the winter section. However, the winter section is monthly. We don't want to wait a month before going south. Anyway, I finally called another campground to inquire about weekly and yes, they do have weekly available.

It has been said by the weather gurus that it will rain 3 days next week, this campground is dirt/grass the new one is concrete and gravel. When you have a dog these little details make all the difference. We are booked in for Monday and I read in the reviews that they have free laundry (specific times).

We discussed the option of staying in Osoyoos for the winter and while it is an option we have decided to go south anyway, assuming this plan doesn't get Trump'd we will be crossing on the 16th. Obviously this business with the US and North Korea is concerning these days, but so was the US/Russia for so many years and the US/Taliban... 'They' make a big stink, effect the stock market and suddenly 'diplomacy' rules the day... I'm sorry but to my mind its an American thing. I don't want to get political - God knows, but if the Americans want to make a buck and we all know they do, they create conflict - its good for business. I just hope Kim doesn't alter the status quo while we're there.

On a lighter note, :P Not sure what today will bring, we have no plans. Perhaps we'll just hang out here and sit by the lake, something we have not done yet, believe it or not. On the way home yesterday, I picked up some Ginger Beef and S&S Chicken for dinner and the remains of my Italian from the other night should make for a good ol' gut bash this evening.

PS The change of campgrounds has nothing to do with yesterdays post, I'm sure I mentioned this week/month problem previously.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Batteries connected and Laundry

Well yesterday was productive, kind of...

Brad got to putting the batteries together, but one of the cable thingys broke and we had to pack up the rig and drive to Lordco in town. Naturally, we forgot the blanket that was on the solar panels and when we remembered it it was gone. Returning to the campsite, we were going to stop at the office and inquire if anyone handed it in, not even a minute later there it was hanging on a fence along the road - thank you to whoever found it and put it there.

We didn't put the rig back into stationary (just in case) and sure enough we had to go to Lordco again. Very nice staff at the Osoyoos Lordco might I add. Anyway, after a lot of kerfuffling we returned to the campsite to get it done. A couple of neighbour guys came by and helped which was great, Big shoutout to them. Now we have 4-6v connected as one 12v battery! Yay!

Earlier in the day I tried to do laundry... while Brad was working on the batteries, I grabbed the 50 lb hamper, put the dog on a lead and away we went. Knowing there are at least 2 laundry rooms here in this campground, we went to the closest of course and someone had beat us to all 3 machines. I couldn't remember where the other one was so we stopped by the office for a campground map and went over. Unfortunately, the campground staff were doing an acid wash on that one and it was out of commission. We carried that damn hamper back to the rig. Thank god Robbie is a good walker on a lead because that hamper was crazy heavy.

Lordco to the rescue once again. While we were there I asked if they sold those red collapsible wagons I had seen people use and yes, they did, in black. On sale for $85CAD (about $65US) Regular $210. SOLD!!!

We now have a wagon capable of carrying 180lbs. Now THIS is something every girl needs! If we walk too far, Brad can pull me in the wagon ;) teehee

Suffice to say, I will be attempting laundry again today (3rd day in a row), thank god for the wagon because this hamper gets heavier and heavier with every attempt.

Once the batteries were completed and with the rig still in mobile, we drove over to an Italian restaurant we had seen, Campo, Very non-descript on the outside, but the service, the food (oh, the food), the atmosphere were phenomenal. Highly recommend. Hard as I tried, I could not eat all of mine and had to bring most of it home. They offer bread and buttter while you wait, its almost a subtle pumpernickle and the butter is garlic. Oh, let me tell you about that butter!! It was soo good they gave us one to bring home, and Brad even grabbed one we hadn't finished off the table. Clearly made with real garlic and just so good I can't even describe it. Fantastic. The restaurant is casual/dressy with exceptional service but the bill was only $50 with tip. I'm not one for pasta but we'll be going there again anytime we're in town.

Today, maybe we'll walk to town. I'd like to stop by one of the other campgrounds and see about Monday, not sure where today will take us but look forward to finding out.

I've been having some thoughts about writing 'current' blogs...

I know that many people post videos, blogs, instagram several weeks behind. As a viewer that is very frustrating but as a traveller, maybe that is how it should be done. We haven't had any trouble with creepers but there certainly is that possibility when you tell the world where you are in real time. Thoughts anyone?

The only reason this has come up now is because I have noticed a fair increase in readership the last week or two which is great and I appreciate all of you. I would love to meet readers but I want to be safe about it - obviously. My original intent was to write in the past tense anyway, only after having left a spot. I think perhaps my error was putting the specific campground we are staying at online that has me creeped out. Once we get south, we intend to be boondocking anyway... as long as I don't put specific current locations - I guess it will be fine. Yes, this is me talking to myself - You are welcome to join the conversation.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Day 3 Nk'Mip

Yesterday we went for a walk into town, a fair walk of about 3km each way. Did a bit of shopping and finally picked up a table cloth for the campground picnic tables and some of the clips to hold it in place. This community seems to have a bit of everything from what I call 'fufu' stuff to appliances. I got a pair of shorts to wear with my swimsuit (assuming I will ever put that on) and Brad got a pair of swim trunks.

We went all the way (of course) to Tim Hortons but not as far as where we thought we saw a Canadian Tire, still not sure if that was here or Oliver that we saw that. Today Brad is writing an article for the Magazine he writes for on occasion and he plans to do the battery connection later.

I intend to do laundry and organize some of the under storage today, I also plan to put a dab of caulking on the screws that hold our shower curtain frame in place as I think there is a leak coming out through the screws. Everything else is tightly caulked so by process of elimination... but then, I'm just a girl.... ;)

I may also inquire about a different campground today, just down the road as I understand it. Not that there is anything wrong with this one, I just want to know my options in the event they have no spaces available here after this section closes down. I'm also a little intrigued just to see what the different campgrounds are like. There is no boondocking that we can find in these parts, BC is very regulated and with so many campers down here by the border there is plenty of money to be made...

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Nk'mip Campground for a week

We have been on the road for a month. In all that time/travel across the country, we have only spent 4 nights in a campground (two of which were forced rest).

Arriving in Osoyoos, we stayed at the Husky truck stop while searching for somewhere to put down roots for at least a week. I searched every campground in town and found only 2 which appeared to be open this time of year, noting that in my last blog. We wrote down the addresses of those two and were going to scope them out this morning, but when we woke up we had a comment from Ray & Deb at Kastle's Journey that in fact the Nk'mip campground would be open. Since this was one campground I had wanted to stay at, I added it to our list of places to check out. Brad, however, decided we'd go there first.

They had a spot available and so we took it, well I took it. Arriving back at the rig Brad says, "you were only going to get information" Whoops... LOL

So here we will be until at least Monday at which time we can decide to move to another campground or move up to the 'winter' section as this section we are currently in will be closing mid month.

While I set up shop and prepared the place to be settled for a week, Brad took Robbie for a walk. We then decided to go and check out the adjacent Resort, where we inquired about a massage for Brad (military injury) and had lunch at Mica, a casual but snazzy restaurant in the main building, both really enjoying our meals as well as the service. 

 Vineyard and Osoyoos from the Resort

Grapes dangling


View from Mica, the Resort restaurant

Almost forgot to get a picture... there was more than this :P ..and yes, Maggie that is wine LOL - when in Rome...

Mica restaurant

The only Cacti we saw on our walk - and Brad walked into it. You can see a rattlesnake warning sign in the background.

Another waterfront campsite, not too shabby except for the crazy wind which is meant to die off later tonight.

Quite the nice little resort they have here. On the walk I also managed to locate one of the laundry facilities here in the campground, handy to know.  $ Loonies required.

Back to the rig for an afternoon siesta, the wind here at the moment is crazy, 26-41 km/h, and we spent the evening watching 'Gerald's Game', quite the movie and I don't recommend watching it before bed...

Sunday, 1 October 2017

More readers and On the Move

We spent last night back at the Superstore in Vernon, pretty decent spot. Sani dump and water in parking lot also. I got an email from readers and fellow bloggers Kelley & Mike of 2 Hearts & 2 Wheels who were also staying at the Superstore. So we have stayed at this particular spot twice and met 2 sets of readers, I'd say that is coup! :)

Brad wasn't feeling up to visiting last night so I went over to meet them, check out their converted trailer and have a chat. Had a nice visit for about an hour, their trailer is great, they have it set up nicely although they are finding some issues they tell me (and also wrote on their latest blog), so are looking to upgrade to something a little bigger. Thanks for the email and for the visit you two, it was great meeting you.

This morning I was up at 6am, don't know why... so we managed to get going at a reasonable hour and went over to pick up 'Bob' for breakfast, we had a nice visit over some decent grub at the Denny's down the road from the Superstore and we took him back home before leaving Vernon.

Stopping at the Canadian Tire we got some more batteries (Yay!) and the accessories to connect them (not done yet, so don't even go there), then hit the highway for Osoyoos. Brad remembered the tire chains and with an OMG, we stopped at the Canadian Tire in Kelowna and dealt with a very nice man at the tire counter whose name I have forgotten. He didn't have the size we needed (as you probably guessed) so gave us the number of a shop that likely would have and be open on a Sunday. I called them and they didn't but they did know which Lordco did for $170... behind us, naturally. Backtracking about 15km, I went in and dealt with a lovely woman who gave us a deal at $140 (to us it was a deal since we were expecting $170, so don't burst my bubble).

Now stocked with batteries and the required tire chains we finally ventured further south to Osoyoos where we went to dinner at the Smitty's (haven't eaten there since the 80's). Pretty good but the roast was quite salty. Then we checked with the Husky to inquire if we could stay overnight and here we are, once again talking to you.

We have been searching for boondocking - nothing. And only 2 campgrounds which are open this time of year. One of which has 'rules' up the ying-yang. We will be driving to both tomorrow to see what they are about and will then make a decision from there. Quite unsure about booking for a month since we are unfamiliar with this area, everyone says it doesn't snow and yet there are a lot of pictures on Google Earth which argue that point. We don't want to book in for a month and then hear there is a major snowstorm coming and get stuck.

Remember, we are newbies at this. Please be patient with our ignorance... besides I'm cute. :)

PS Now I have to tell him the campgrounds are not likely to allow him to sort out the batteries on the site... wish me luck!!!