Monday, 9 October 2017

Another week in Osoyoos, BC

We are nestled into our new campground for the next week. Very nice place, concrete driveways with hedge dividers offering privacy, a picnic table and a bit of grass where we have set up our comfy chairs with our table set up as a coffee table (adjustable legs), even a view from this particular spot.

We were sitting outside soaking in some sun when this guy decided to 'take off' from the hill in front of us, pretty cool.

No idea what this thing is called, just a motorized parachute, I guess.

Before arriving here we drove into town to get some dog food, distilled water and bread. I also jumped out at the Home Hardware to grab 3 RV vent insulator thingys but they didn't have them. Sure that is where I saw them but I ran across the street to and they didn't have them either. Perhaps it was Lordco that I saw them, anyway we will have to keep an eye out for them as it is meant to be a low of +1C (33.8F) here Friday night.

I only purchased a small bag of dog food as we have heard we will not be able to take it across the border, so enough for a week was enough for now. We have an entire freezer full of self-portioned and Organic meat that we are trying to get through as we understand meat is an issue at the border. I also still have a large plastic container of rice that will be problematic.

I may enquire at the office if anyone on site may be in need of these items should we not get through it all, no point throwing it out if it could help someone, perhaps there is a food bank but I find it unlikely in an area like this. I need to do some research as I think I can cook the meat and it will be okay at the border but raw is not, anyone have knowledge of this?

Any dog owner knows what happens when fireworks go off, well we have a similar problem here in Osoyoos in that they shoot a cannon thing off every now and again to scare the birds off the vineyards but it also freaks Robbie out. He gets all skittish and weird, fortunately it seems only to be a morning thing. Brad seems to be relaxed though.

So far we are finding this campground to be much different than the other, people seem more friendly as I think most are at a minimum Snowbirding here if not permanent. Our particular spot is available should our plans get Trump'd and we have to stay the winter here. Not a bad spot to be sure... I read in an online review that the laundry is complimentary though I have yet to confirm that, but was advised by the office that the multiple bookshelves of movies are complimentary, just sign it out and back in. There is a little store (minimal supplies, but handy) in the office where I purchased a couple of cans of pop earlier today as I forgot to get any drinks when we were in town.

Until tomorrow my friends....


  1. We travel pretty much empty of food, as it is the whim of the border guard, and yes, rice is a no. So easy to get some travel groceries at Walmart in Omak, or walmart, Costco in Wenatchee

  2. Forgot to say... we had always used bottled water till we purchased a Berkey Water system. Love it, and many rv'ers use it. We got the Big Berkey, not the Travel Berkey. It travels just great in our sink.

    1. Yes this border thing is quite the thing. A lot of research to do and I think I'll call the crossing that morning just to be sure. Our Big Berkey rides under the sink, its one reason we needed a smaller garbage can. Its all about priorities ;)

  3. We have been pretty lucky in our 12 years, we just tell them what we have at the border, but no raw poultry , fresh fruit, (with seeds), no lamb or goat, rice, raw eggs, again it depends the agent on duty. Have lost very little.

    1. Thanks for the info, every bit helps.. seems to be no clear answer, everyone's experience is different. I guess border crossing is like a box of chocolates.


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