Friday, 6 October 2017

Batteries connected and Laundry

Well yesterday was productive, kind of...

Brad got to putting the batteries together, but one of the cable thingys broke and we had to pack up the rig and drive to Lordco in town. Naturally, we forgot the blanket that was on the solar panels and when we remembered it it was gone. Returning to the campsite, we were going to stop at the office and inquire if anyone handed it in, not even a minute later there it was hanging on a fence along the road - thank you to whoever found it and put it there.

We didn't put the rig back into stationary (just in case) and sure enough we had to go to Lordco again. Very nice staff at the Osoyoos Lordco might I add. Anyway, after a lot of kerfuffling we returned to the campsite to get it done. A couple of neighbour guys came by and helped which was great, Big shoutout to them. Now we have 4-6v connected as one 12v battery! Yay!

Earlier in the day I tried to do laundry... while Brad was working on the batteries, I grabbed the 50 lb hamper, put the dog on a lead and away we went. Knowing there are at least 2 laundry rooms here in this campground, we went to the closest of course and someone had beat us to all 3 machines. I couldn't remember where the other one was so we stopped by the office for a campground map and went over. Unfortunately, the campground staff were doing an acid wash on that one and it was out of commission. We carried that damn hamper back to the rig. Thank god Robbie is a good walker on a lead because that hamper was crazy heavy.

Lordco to the rescue once again. While we were there I asked if they sold those red collapsible wagons I had seen people use and yes, they did, in black. On sale for $85CAD (about $65US) Regular $210. SOLD!!!

We now have a wagon capable of carrying 180lbs. Now THIS is something every girl needs! If we walk too far, Brad can pull me in the wagon ;) teehee

Suffice to say, I will be attempting laundry again today (3rd day in a row), thank god for the wagon because this hamper gets heavier and heavier with every attempt.

Once the batteries were completed and with the rig still in mobile, we drove over to an Italian restaurant we had seen, Campo, Very non-descript on the outside, but the service, the food (oh, the food), the atmosphere were phenomenal. Highly recommend. Hard as I tried, I could not eat all of mine and had to bring most of it home. They offer bread and buttter while you wait, its almost a subtle pumpernickle and the butter is garlic. Oh, let me tell you about that butter!! It was soo good they gave us one to bring home, and Brad even grabbed one we hadn't finished off the table. Clearly made with real garlic and just so good I can't even describe it. Fantastic. The restaurant is casual/dressy with exceptional service but the bill was only $50 with tip. I'm not one for pasta but we'll be going there again anytime we're in town.

Today, maybe we'll walk to town. I'd like to stop by one of the other campgrounds and see about Monday, not sure where today will take us but look forward to finding out.

I've been having some thoughts about writing 'current' blogs...

I know that many people post videos, blogs, instagram several weeks behind. As a viewer that is very frustrating but as a traveller, maybe that is how it should be done. We haven't had any trouble with creepers but there certainly is that possibility when you tell the world where you are in real time. Thoughts anyone?

The only reason this has come up now is because I have noticed a fair increase in readership the last week or two which is great and I appreciate all of you. I would love to meet readers but I want to be safe about it - obviously. My original intent was to write in the past tense anyway, only after having left a spot. I think perhaps my error was putting the specific campground we are staying at online that has me creeped out. Once we get south, we intend to be boondocking anyway... as long as I don't put specific current locations - I guess it will be fine. Yes, this is me talking to myself - You are welcome to join the conversation.


  1. I am from Ontario and love reading about your travels. We are leaving on the 20th for Florida.

    1. Hi Janet, thanks for your comment it's nice to hear from you. When you say 'we' is it just the two of you or are you taking the fam along too? Will you be Fulltime or Snowbird?

  2. Hi guys,

    We have not had any trouble with "creepers" but I usually blog about the area just as we are leaving, not always though. I find that "readership" tends to pick up on specific places, not necessarily following you. For example, the fact that I have just blogged about Bryce Canyon we receive tons of page views. Previously talking about Surrey not so much. So I think it is in how you label your blog. Laundry will not "catch too many others" but saying "Vernon" will. Hope this alleviates some of your worry. Other people I know and follow have not had any problem either.

    1. Yes I understand your point about titles, everything is fine here and we have enjoyed meeting readers elsewhere not really sure how it became a thing in my head but it did for some reason. Anyway, enjoyed your Bryce Canyon posts, thanks for commenting again. -Katie

  3. If you were a 45 foot Country Coach pulling a BMW maybe I would be hesitating but your little ACE, not so much. Ha! But we would understand.

    1. Thanks for the chuckle Flowergirl, that is so true. Thinking too much of my old self I suppose, LOL Too Funny

  4. We have not had any issues in over 12 years full-time, we don't always post our exact location especially when boon docking, the local area is sufficient.

  5. Agreed. Having thought about it, I think the general area is the way to go and I will put the exact on the map after the fact as I do want a record of where we go for next time.


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