Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Day 2 Mountain Home, ID

Quite uneventful day of driving. The mountains are really large hills in Washington state, nothing like our Canadian Rockies. Perhaps its because they are a slow ascent/descent and not straight up and down that made the difference, but Ace took those hills like she was a bobtail semi.

Stopped at Camping World just outside Boise, ID and spent LOTS of 'his' money LOL and continued on to a truck stop not far down the highway but there were no other campers and it just didn't feel comfortable so we drove on to the Walmart in Mountain Home, Idaho where we spent last night. Nice and quiet here at least until 8am this morning when we started our Genny to warm the place up and make His Lordship a cup of java.

Brad took some pictures yesterday when I was driving and I emailed them to myself for this blog post but they have yet to come in and he's on Twitter.... so no pics today people, they weren't anything to write home about anyway. Definitely having internet issues at this particular spot. We played crib last night and I (who almost never wins) kicked his a** twice in a row.. just saying. TeeHee

Just to be clear, I will be trying to post something every day but can't guarantee it with the internet so don't panic if I don't get it out in the morning - I will keep trying throughout the day.