Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Day 3 Nk'Mip

Yesterday we went for a walk into town, a fair walk of about 3km each way. Did a bit of shopping and finally picked up a table cloth for the campground picnic tables and some of the clips to hold it in place. This community seems to have a bit of everything from what I call 'fufu' stuff to appliances. I got a pair of shorts to wear with my swimsuit (assuming I will ever put that on) and Brad got a pair of swim trunks.

We went all the way (of course) to Tim Hortons but not as far as where we thought we saw a Canadian Tire, still not sure if that was here or Oliver that we saw that. Today Brad is writing an article for the Magazine he writes for on occasion and he plans to do the battery connection later.

I intend to do laundry and organize some of the under storage today, I also plan to put a dab of caulking on the screws that hold our shower curtain frame in place as I think there is a leak coming out through the screws. Everything else is tightly caulked so by process of elimination... but then, I'm just a girl.... ;)

I may also inquire about a different campground today, just down the road as I understand it. Not that there is anything wrong with this one, I just want to know my options in the event they have no spaces available here after this section closes down. I'm also a little intrigued just to see what the different campgrounds are like. There is no boondocking that we can find in these parts, BC is very regulated and with so many campers down here by the border there is plenty of money to be made...


  1. Looking like a relaxing day you have, now enjoy a few more.Not much Boon docking in Canada but never ending in the southwest.

    1. Certainly ended up being, I didn't get many of the things done that I wanted to. Feeling both excited and apprehensive about going south soon.


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