Friday, 27 October 2017

Deuce is wild

We left Quartzsite, AZ early this morning enroute to Yuma, AZ to look at a Jeep. Well we got it, complete with a Blue Ox tow bar and Base Plate. Pretty happy with the deal we got. A little running around to arrange the funds, but we managed.

At 4:05pm I called the local DMV to make sure they were open until 5pm... ' you have to have a ticket in hand by 4:30 to be seen' the woman tells me. Whaaaaa? So we jumped in the rig and booted over to the DMV arriving at 4:27pm. The woman who sold us the car had to come with us (in her own car) to sign it over in their presence, which to us is peculiar but whatever works I guess.

Robbie guarding Deuce

So we now have her plated and good to go. We have 30 days to sort out the insurance - no one can explain this part to me - but we intend to get it done bright and early Monday morning anyway. So what if something happens in that 30 days? Are we hooped? Does it fall to the previous owners insurance? I just don't get it, so I'm going with hooped.

Because the sun was setting by the time this was all completed we decided to head to Paradise Casino that allows overnights. Apparently it used to be free and then last year they decided to try 3 days for $10. I can only assume that was a bust because they are now back to FREE. My kind of language. I posted the details on Campendium already and will get to the rest as I can but needed to get this blog up. Here is the letter they hand out to RVers after the 1st night.

The temperature got to 41C (105..8F) -- otherwise know as hot as hell. Here is a picture of what that does to my beauty...

Can anyone tell me what the benefit is of painting tree trunks white? Is it a bug thing? Aesthetics? In lieu of snow? We saw a lot of them today here in Yuma. Looks really great but I just wonder - why?

So back to our new Jeep. Brad and I each had an FJ Cruiser, his is white and mine was bright yellow. I sold mine this time last year so when we saw this one online.... anyway, there are some things we'll be doing to it but in the meantime, its some wheels.

Because we named the RV 'Ace', we have decided to call the Jeep 'Deuce'. And Deuce is wild, just like her mama ;)

When we arrived at the casino we set up as per for parking lot parking. When Brad put the slide out the slide topper cracked and came off. Literally just laying on top of the slide. As its dark out we can't even contemplate looking at it tonight so will have to do something with it in the morning. We have been talking about going somewhere new for awhile but now with this topper thing... I think we'll head back to Quartzsite and find someone there who can fix it. Of course, this is all assuming we can either remove or secure it in the morning. Anyone know of someone who can fix/ replace a slide topper in either Quartzsite or Yuma? George? Anyone? It cracked off on both ends where it attaches to the front of the slide. Perhaps (won't know until morning) a spring broke, it sounded like the slide was going out and the topper was not unfurling with it and then snap.... just a second or two, not enough time to react.

My husband is absolutely the best to make all these dreams of mine come true. (he made me write that) LOL