Sunday, 8 October 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Good morning, we had a very quiet day yesterday, Brad wasn't feeling well so we stayed in the RV. Not that we could have walked far anyway with the wind we've been having here. We set the chairs up by the water but the wind was just too cold so that didn't last long.

Taking full advantage of campground wifi we spent the day watching Netflix and YouTube. Sorry to disappoint but it can't be rainbows and sugar plums all the time.

Apparently tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in Canada so Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian readers, actually I better say it to all readers since we barely know what day it is never mind that its an event day and the American one will likely come and go without our noticing, though I will try.

We have so much to be Thankful for I don't even know where to start... suffice to say that we were retired under 50, we have a brand new house (in the wrong place, but..) and we are now living in our RV touring the continent. Not much to complain about thats for sure.

We have 4 children between us and 3 Grandchildren who are happy and healthy, of course Robbie (our dog) who has such a loving personality, our parents are doing well  and of course we are grateful for all of our readers.

Yep, nothing to complain about here. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We hope you have a great day stuffing Turkey with your family/friends (most people will likely do that today not tomorrow being a Sunday) and remember to enjoy the scenery wherever you are.

No plans today but we hope to do something once beautified. Perhaps we'll go out for lunch somewhere... tomorrow is moving day. Interesting to see what if any difference there is in the campground and the people. We've noticed a trend between friendliness and license plates - seems odd I know but there is a particular license plate that for the most part, is not very friendly. Very strange, and telling.

Onwards and upwards my friends, onwards and upwards.


  1. Happy Thanks giving to you as well. Enjoy the holiday and relocating.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you both. I have it posted on my outlook calendar so we don't forget when we are down in the USA lol

    1. I dare say that is a good idea, we don't want to book a campground on a long weekend... ;)Thanks for the tip.


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