Monday, 16 October 2017

I blame Vickie

Feeling a little out of sorts this morning...

Yesterday we went to Bruce & Vickie's rig for a visit late morning, had a great visit for a couple of hours which included their neighbour who's name I have forgotten but hopefully Vickie will put it in the comments below. We then rushed back to the RV to get some last minute errands done around here. Brad had to do something or other with the battery posts and I did laundry and general house cleaning so we'll be ready for the next adventure.

Just as we were finishing everything up Vickie messaged to see if we wanted a ride as they had invited us back for supper, Curry which we both love. A very nice supper although I was limited in what I could eat of it due to my IBS and Vickie didn't realize that I don't eat anything leafy, Period. No leaves of any sort. I don't usually get into what I can't eat, I'm more of an if I can't eat it I'll eat around it type which I find easier than boring people with my dietary issues.

So thank you for a lovely supper Vickie I did enjoy it and I honestly don't generally eat very much. Brad on the other hand had two helpings, it was really good. Vickie then proceeded to pour us drink after drink, we had a great night of laughter with good company. Most certainly we will be hooking up with these guys later on. Hilarious.

I am definitely a wee bit groggy this morning which is just great when you plan to cross the border. Keep you posted on how that goes.


  1. Those Happy hours can get carried away sometimes, but you will soon feel better. Good luck at the border.

    1. No issue at the border and they were actually quite pleasant. Nice surprise from what we were expecting.

  2. Oh my gosh! Laughing my head off as I read this...don't understand why I always get blamed?!?!? That's ok...karma is a B'*^%t as I clean all the popcorn and spilt drinks off the floor all the while not feeling too wonderful myself! Oh yeah...Gus decided for the 1st time ever to wake us up to go outside at 4:30 am....sigh.
    And the ankle guy is...Randy.
    See you soon....if they let us in....not sure what you guys told them about us!

    1. Not to worry, really... ;) LOL
      It was actually really smooth, no issues. Well, they took my rice but otherwise no problem.

  3. Sounds like one of those memories-forever nights--LOVE those!


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