Thursday, 26 October 2017

Looking for a Jeep in Arizona

Yesterday I made inquiries into what is involved when a Canadian touring the US for several months figures out that he (I mean they) do in fact need a Tow car. One of those required items is an address. An American address, in our case - Arizona. So this morning I was on Google again...

Now be aware that I had previously researched this American address situation for our mail and so I was already very familiar with the companies and options. I went to Travelling Mailbox and signed up online after calling them to verify a few details. Shortly afterward I received a phone call from a local gentleman here in Quartzsite because they did in fact require more details than the website asked for - because we are Canadian.

So tomorrow morning, first thing -- we will be walking over there and taking care of that so that when we need to insure the new Jeep, we are ready.

We spent all day looking at Jeeps today. Well, first we did a lot of housework... then we looked for Jeeps. A pretty lazy day all in all but good nonetheless. We have a booking at a park outside of Phoenix that we will use as 'home base' while we traipse around looking for our newest vehicle.

So that will be Sunday through Tuesday. No plans after that, but personally I'm thinking cooler weather. Although it is supposed to drop to to low/mid 80F this week...

Fo supper, I decided to use my Instant Pot for the 1st time. Aye, Aye, Aye. Brad had taken out Chicken Schnitzel so that's what I had to work with. I'm not exactly Betty Crocker to begin with and Schnitzel is not something I've had any real experience with, so..

I found a recipe only to discover (after melting butter) that I didn't have the potatoes I thought I had, so back to the drawing board. Found another recipe only to discover I didn't have the Green pepper I thought I had. Screw it: I got a recipe for rice, cut the schnitzel into cubes added salt, pepper and some sauces from the cupboard. Okay, set it to make rice. Check. Wait... only 3-8 min?! what?

I couldn't figure out how to change the time setting so I just let it run its course. 10 min to get to temp and 16 min to cook. Yeppers, you guessed it. Not so great. Brad really enjoyed it but he used to eat in trenches so that's no great feat. It was okay, but I was disappointed it wasn't a little better.

... and STILL no GeoCaches. Also, no excuse. I thought about it several times over the course of the day but it was so damn hot out I didn't dare go out (I tend to faint in the heat) and when it cooled down, which I waited all day for -- I was making supper in my Instant Pot for the 1st time and didn't want to leave it in case it exploded or something.

Dishes done, I am now writing to you and Brad just emailed me 'our Jeep'. So, I gotta go call a chick about a jeep! WooHoo!

P.S. Our plans just changed... details to follow, stay tuned for a little sunshine!


  1. if you go to Phx, don't forget about your HP sauce at Cost Plus Imports !

    1. Thanks Bonkers, I appreciate the reminder and I will try to remember. Likely I will forget and you can laugh at me but I'll try to remember.

  2. So excited Brad was up at 5am and I was up at 6am to get ready and head out to see a real beauty.


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