Sunday, 22 October 2017

Made it to Quartzsite

Good morning, we arrived in Quartzsite yesterday, we paid our $180 to cover us until April, and I explained we had never been here before so they were gracious enough to explain how it all worked. The most important point is not to leave Robbie unattended for even a moment as the coyotes here are apparently big and smart.

We went down the highway to dump our tanks and load up with fresh water, drove to town for some spirits and reflectix and then returned to La Posa West to find our 14 day home.

Got a really nice spot which offers us some sun protection although if we had the trees on the other side, we'd have more, a thought for another day. For right now, we just want to relax and unwind from the chaos of driving for the last 7 weeks. The bonus here is that we can move whenever we want to a different spot within this camp or a different camp altogether as there are 7 within this system.

I didn't notice until this morning but we are situated between the big Q on the hill and the highway, almost a direct line of sight... we have an awesome view out our main window of said Q.

Its damn hot here during the day and damn cold at night. Well, in fairness to the night, we did have the Maxx fan running half the night. Today we might just wander across to the rig in the above picture and see what their story is. If they are up to being sociable that is.

We have to lose some weight, remember that printer... and some other stuff, anyone know if I can just put it all in the provided dumpsters?

I contacted our mobile internet provider last night because my iPhone says I've used 13.8G this period but their website said 4.2G... which to follow? I was told to follow the website. Bonus! So I got to watch a few YouTube videos which I have been avoiding because of our data cap. Spending that 2 weeks in Osoyoos campgrounds saved a lot of data... given the cost of data....

Now that I'm thinking about it...
    Data costs (when not in campgrounds) Avg: $7/day
    Dumping and Fresh water costs (when on the move) Avg: $3/day

Nope, doesn't make up for the campground sardine feeling at all at an Avg: $30/day

Boondocking: Priceless

Take note: that data cost is based on what we think we'll use but we don't know yet and may reduce it later.