Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Meeting new friends in Osoyoos

Went for a walk yesterday, down the road along the many beaches. Found a nice little spot and sat for awhile dangling our feet and enjoying the view of America.

I checked the Geocaching App before we left that spot and there was a cache on our route home (or so we thought), we went looking for it. Unfortunately, we had already walked a couple of miles each way and the cache was on the other side of 'home' so we had to let it go but will likely go for it today as I want to walk down that direction for the vent insulators I mentioned the other day.

When we got back Brad went to take the garbage out while I made dinner, one of the neighbours was sitting outside and he learned that they are full-timers. After dinner I took the dog for his afternoon ritual and asked her if she would mind some company...

After several hours of learning and laughing we finally stumbled our way home. Really enjoyed ourselves visiting with them. They have a 40 odd footer Motorhome and gave us a tour, wowsers its one of those fancy schmancy ones - her husband clearly loves her ;) No pressure Bradley!

It was just so nice to sit in front of a (propane) fire and just chat with people about 'stuff', they gave us some input on border crossings and what to expect down south. Keep in mind Brad has never spent any significant time in the U.S. and I haven't been there for donkey's years.

I'm pretty sure Laurie got Brad's personality but not so sure Ron appreciated his sense of humour - at all but he also strikes me as the quiet type so its hard to know. Likely we will find out today. I wrote about this here. I've warned Brad he needs to let people get to know him before he carries on like that, but they were having a couple of drinks and I think he forgot.

Either way it was a good time - so if your reading this guys, thanks for a very enjoyable night.

Yesterday morning, I got an email from RVillage that there were new arrivals in the area. I sent them a message for a meetup and received a reply last night, perhaps we'll get together with them if we can get the timing right.

This meeting new people thing is great and we really enjoy it I must say. Though we do not particularly like crowds, small gatherings are great. Learning about and from others is fascinating and quite a change from our life experience of the last several years.


  1. One of the great perks of full timing is that you get to meet so many interesting people own your travels, and we have met hundreds over the years. Some have become good friends and some acquaintances and others just a nice time and share stories. It is an amazing lifestyle as you will find out. We love travelling in the states and am sure you will as well.

    1. We are really looking forward to it, more today than yesterday to be sure. Thanks for stopping by everyday, your comments are appreciated.


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