Sunday, 15 October 2017

Meeting new peeps

So yesterday I was on the phone dealing with Travel Insurance when a Jeep pulled up in front of our rig. Of course I couldn't say anything because I was on a call and a blonde walked up to our door. Brad was kerfuffled as to who this could be and went to the door, I managed to holler out 'Vickie' just as he was opening it.

I had mentioned to him that I was messaging back and forth with some people that RVillage advised were new to the neighbourhood earlier in the week, I think I mentioned it. Unfortunately, I hadn't had time to discuss with him that they had offered to pick us up for lunch and I had been waiting to talk to him before responding to their last email.

When I saw the Jeep pull up I thought 'I know they have a Jeep, but...', sure enough it was them. After a brief yada yada introduction and the like, off we went to Oliver for lunch at Aunt Ags Fish & Chip shop. What a great visit we had. Brad, as per, had us all in stitches with his quirky sense of humour. Its so nice when people 'get it', I'm always so concerned that they won't. These two did.

Vickie and Bruce

After lunch they took us to a grocery store in Oliver so I could get some bread and smokes (yes, we know). Then back here and we sat outside chatting and laughing for probably well over an hour before they had to go to let their dog out and we had to do the same.

Poor Robbie waited and waited for us but finally Brad took him out for quite a walk and Robbie was thoroughly exhausted when he got home, plopping himself down on the rug, he was out in no time.

I messaged them last night and we are likely going to go to their rig today, look forward to that. They are the second people we've met that have 'business cards', just like a business card but with their picture and all their contact info so that they can just swap cards with the people they meet. I had heard of this and even brought the printer so I could make some up but haven't been able to find the damn ink for the machine anywhere.

Brad really likes this card idea and said we should throw the damn printer out and just have some printed somewhere. Well, I'm all about losing rig weight, so... out it will go. Probably a good 20 lbs that thing, quite heavy.

The rest of today will be spent prepping for the border crossing tomorrow. Empty the fridge of fruit and veg, etc. I have all the documents I think we'll need ready just in case and the file handy if we should need more.

Worse case scenario, they don't let us in... oh well, we'll just stay in Osoyoos for the winter. Hardly a hardship.


  1. Always fun to meet more rv'ers and yes the cards and great, We have handed out several hundred over the years and keep in touch with so many of these people in our travels. We do print our own as we had had t make changes over the years, and we do some printing and forms that we often need.

    1. Yes but for us I think lugging the printer around is no good. We can get anything printed should we need - just a memory stick and a Walmart. If anything else should come up these printers are getting cheaper than the ink these days so we can buy one if need be.

    2. Whatever works for you is good, and that is the way it should be. Our wireless printer and scanner does get a lot of use.


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